Wednesday, February 06, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Former Vic student union chief jailed (UPDATED)

UPDATE 2 (Thursday)
More about Ray here.

The Age this morning (Thursday) has slightly more.

The Age reports:
Former Vic student union chief jailed
February 6, 2008 - 12:37 PM

A disgraced former president of the Melbourne University Student Union has been sentenced 20 months' jail with a minimum of six months for fraud.

Darren Kenneth Ray, 26, was sentenced in the Victorian County Court on charges relating to operating bank accounts under false names and obtaining financial advantage by deception.

The court heard Ray swindled Australian taxpayers of $182,281.42 by lodging business account statements under false names.

In sentencing, Judge Jane Campton said she had taken into account Ray's youth and genuine remorse, but that a term of imprisonment was appropriate.

"No other sentence is appropriate," Judge Campton said.

"You took advantage of the GST system. Crimes of this nature are difficult to detect, your offending was well planned and carried out with a degree of sophistication."

He was ordered to repay the fraudulent funds to the Commonwealth of Australia.

Ray, of St Kilda Road, Melbourne, has been embroiled in several legal disputes since the collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union in 2004.

He was president of the union in 2002 and presided over a $46 million property deal to develop a student accommodation building.

A 2003 auditor's report warned the deal could send the student union broke.

In February 2004, the Melbourne Supreme Court ordered the union be wound up based on the report.

The Herald is running the same AAP story.

Some interesting background on Ray's activities is provided on the MUSU Labor Club/Liberal Club/Student Alliance/Go forces alliance.

And more here: much, much more.

9 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Is Andy next?

Anonymous said...

Yes - I particularly like the line - using false names and obtaining financial advantage by deception.

reads like a well rehearsed script doesn't it

Wonder who taught Ray all he knows?

Cait Catt said...

Whenever I have had dealings with Andrew Landeryou I have always found him to be honest and ethical.

His blog is a pleasure to read and has been responsible for many scoops. It beats ASIO hands down in its ability to expose the enemies of freedom and democracy.

For how much longer do we have to put up with the blog of filth denigrating the great man.

Filthia at Draculas and Slanderyou are no doubt great mates.

Anonymous said...

A piece of filth gets what he deserves. Pity the sentence couldn't be longer.
Now, Scott Crawford should be listening very carefully. He doesen't want to end up in prison like Landeryou/Ray, he has to come clean about MUSU to the police, and give evidence, before its too late!

Anonymous said...

This is extraordinary, and at the same time very sad.

Anonymous said...

So why hasn't landeryou devoted any attention to this story this morning?

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is dishonest and unethical blogger of little talent and much hate, who often claims - with little effect - other people's work as his own. Full marks to Slanderyou for keeping up the pressure on this filthy, denigrating man, who won't feel lonely when he joins Ray in jail.

Anonymous said...

He's too busy posting his rant about Giles, in response to another article that appeared in the paper about the ALP head office.

Funny how he's remained quiet on Droutsas and Ray. You'd think he'd want to stay on their good sides. It's likely they'll be sharing jail cells sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

wondering when the musu charges will be coming. the charges ray pled guilty to and was convicted for had very little if not nothing to do with musu.

not surprising that landeryou makes no mention of it, he is happy to slander other and call them criminals, but won't even mention one of his own who is now a convicted criminal