Friday, February 29, 2008

Suspected sock puppets

After the week where Patriots expressed their sorrow about Andrew Landeryou, we end the week with a story about suspected sock puppets.

The original is here. Someone might want to explain this in comments.

"This user is also responsible for deleting a bot message from Melbcity's talk page concerning an image of Kiev (see Melbcity's writing shows exactly the same characteristic spelling errors and aggressive style towards other editors as UkraineToday, and again the twin tie-ins to Melbourne, Australia and Ukraine; could this be another of his sock puppets? More - compare the edits in Andrew Landeryou (of Melbourne) by MelbCity on 11/02/2006 and by the next day - they are identical. I'm not saying for certain that and are one and the same, but they have the same narrow contribs interest - Ukrainian politics and Melbourne, and also cites the dubious (looks to me very much like a plug by a vested interest).

The same names - UkraineToday and Ukraine 200x crop up in two Ukrainian news sites, currently in and in the past in He has been banned from the latter several times and has used many different user names to evade the bans (exactly the same behaviour as I'm seeing here). Both publications have histories of allegations that he is Anthony van Der Craats, author of, which makes his citations of this blog self-publicity.

It seems that is just the latest of several manifestations of blocked user UkraineToday. The behaviour is remarkably similar, as is the dual theme - Ukraine and Melbourne. You could say the same of non-current users, Ukraine2006,, and and Melbcity. All the IP addresses relate to ISPs in Kharkov, Ukraine. If these aren't all the same person then that town must be breeding people with very specific interests in Melbourne.

Of these alter egos, Ukraine2006 and Melbcity appear to have been used in good faith before UkraineToday was blocked, and while they highlight multiple identities I see no evidence of malicious intent. I mention them here only because they form part of the bigger picture encompassing the external evidence below. Similarly appears to have been used only in good faith before UkraineToday was blocked but should be considered as a potential future sockpuppet IP. The same could be said of had it not been used to add a self-publicising link. was used to self-publicise another of his blogs,; the user account was subsequently blocked for this and other and for extreme bias(see was blocked as a sockpuppet of UkraineToday in September 2007.

Some of this is speculation on my part but the admins could quickly confirm whether Melbcity's IP comes from Melbourne or Kharkov, and whether Ukraine2006 and UkraineToday share IP with any of those I listed here as being behaviourally similar."

It is never clearcut with Landeryou!

36 Truth On Comments:

Jeff Mowatt said...

Yes indeed, I can reveal almost all. Wikipedia moderators caught on to the improbability of so many individual users with IP addresses in Kharkiv, Ukraine with an interest in Melbourne political affairs. Everything pointed to use UkrToday, know by most English speakers in Ukraine as the author of the defamatory blog at and with other aliases such as melbcity, freespeech,ukr2006,constitutional gameplay and more has plagued forums with his offensive commentary and accusations to the point of being barred by most of them.

Now this in turn points to an individual who identifies both as a resident of Melbourne and as a resident of Kharkiv, Ukraine where he's listed as a consultant to a children's NGO. Strange NGO that it is, which employs someone to spen all their days and nights abusing others on forums.

He has also hijacked the blog of a major news provider to inject more of his accusations.

The NGO appointment, clearly bogus. The apparent agenda, to promote proportional representation, defame the president and PM and especially those wanting to expose the commerce related to institutional childcare and consequent mistreatment.

In short, what we appear to have is someone defending the interests of organised crime by throwing out a smokescreen of web vandalism.

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou is filthy and disgusting as usual. And I'm completely ignored in your article Mr Slanderyou.

I provided considerable original material on your blog Mr Slanderyou yet you claim I do not exist and you totally ignore me.

A couple of days ago you even used my copyrighted phrase blog of filth to refer to another blog. The only blog of filth I refer to is Slanderyou.

You are truly the blog of filth.

Anonymous said...

has bankruptcy fried your mind Cait Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Mr Creosote is now claiming that he has copyright over expressions in just the same way as he has lied about a Walkley award.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy's sleazy old man Bill Landeryou has been accused of dodgy dealings in the former Soviet Union.

Is this all part of the Ukraine Connection?

Catnip said...

Cait and Catter8, quit your caterwauling?

Landeryou Family Values said...

The similarities between Mr Creosote and Landershonk are truly amazing!

Both are grossly obese men with no self control.

Mr Creosote swallowed anything he could and then spewed it out all over the place.

So does Landershonk. He takes any claim, no matter how ridiculous, malicious or obviously untrue it might be, and regurgitates it on his Blog of Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

The patriotic and law-abiding visitors to this reputable website often point out how rarely that cesspit in blogging Fat Andy’s Blog of Sleaze is updated.

In part, this is because Fat Andy has no sources and no material. He subsists entirely on deep fried foods. This diet has deadened his imagination. It is a giant mental struggle for Fat Andy to make up the little content he publishes.

But these are not the main reasons for the slow and sporadic updating of the Blog of Sleaze.

The truth is that on many days Fat Andy is simply too fat to fit at his desk. It takes several hours of purging and self-administration of enemas before he can squeeze behind the keyboard.

The content of what he finally posts is very similar to the disgusting detritus that sprays out of his body – shit and bile.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff in trouble again. When will these guys learn.

From the Diamond Valley Leader

"Police will be asked to investigate a letter and endorsement flyer purportedly written by Anne Paul, a part-time staff member for Bundoora Labor MP Colin Brooks.

And prominent locals said they were shocked their photos and made-up quotes were used on a fake flyer "endorsing" Ms Paul as a future Grimshaw ward councillor.

Cr Sherriff last week emailed the letter and endorsement flyer, along with a press release responding to Ms Paul's "nomination", to a network that included the DV Leader.

But the Labor councillor has denied creating the fake documents, instead blaming rivals in the local ALP.

The letter states Ms Paul will run against Cr Sherriff at the council elections in November.

It claims people are "sick of his media antics and his ridiculous amount of junk mail that serves no purpose except sociopathic self-promotion".

Ms Paul was shocked to find out about the material.

"I'm not seeking any candidature," Ms Paul said. "It is a total fabrication and I've drafted a letter to police asking them to investigate it fully and I will be seeking legal advice."

Cr Sherriff said he received the documents in the mail last week, in a plain envelope with no return address. He said he had assumed they were genuine and had not thought to verify them before circulating his email. "There have been a lot of strange things going on in the local ALP for the past year," Cr Sherriff said.

In his media release, Cr Sherriff said the letter and flyer were "stage two of a Colin Brooks power grab".

Cr Sherriff told the DV Leader another local ALP member had also received the documents, but the man could not be contacted last week. The flyer includes endorsements from community leaders, including former state community services minister Sherryl Garbutt, Watsonia Neighbourhood House's Frank Beard and Mr Brooks.

"It's a total fabrication and obviously false," Mr Brooks said.

Greensborough fruiterers Andrew and Bruno Sculli, also quoted, said they had never been asked to endorse Ms Paul.

And Rosie Bray, named as a "community and church leader", said she was furious to be included on the flyer.

Banyule Council declined to comment.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Andrew Landeryou has had to move houses many times from his mansion in Parkville, to his millionaires apartment in South Bank, to his villa in Brunswick and now to his Fat Cave in the city.

Would he qualify for public housing?

Liberty Larry said...

Kevin, you forget that between Parkville and South Bank landeryou moved to Costa Rica, then remand, then South Bank

Anonymous said...

Comment below appeared on the anti-Baillieu blog

All we know for certain is (for the benefit of readers who don't know 104 is the address of the Liberal HQ in Melbourne, 104 Exhibition Street) that the author of this rant is certainly not a sock puppet:

Red Ted needs to look at his own supporters. Like the man from 104 who wrote to the Landeryou blog stating that the ALP is a party of whorehouse clients.

True, Bill Albon from Toorak is a member of the ALP, and he's the public face of the sex industry, but that doesn't make the ALP the party of his clients. People like Jacinta Collins would be very angry at a remark like that.

The Liberal Party doesn't need crazy loons who write crap like this on the Landeryou blog.

Liberals who leak to Landeryou are traitors.

catter8 said...

You made me go to the dictionary Lev. This is the free dictionary on the web definition of caterwauling:

n. 1. The cry of cats; a harsh, disagreeable noise or cry like the cry of cats.

Only someone of your intellect Lev would know that. How about getting stuck into Slanderyou for a change rather than us poor cats.

Anonymous said...

Catnip has a reference to a Unitarian web site and a reference saying "sorry Lyle."

What's that all about? Is that an apology for Delia Delegate?

Anonymous said...

Once again Andrew Landeryou is siding with an embezzler and murderer.

When Landeryou was writing Delia Delegate, Lyle Alan was suffering through the three - three - trials needed to convict the law clerk who stole from his solicitor brother and then had him killed when the fraud was discovered.

Justice was only finally done last year.

Lyle's brother's body has never been found.

Lyle says the grief and stress killed his mother.

Justice was only finally done last year.

Andrew Landeryou mocks this victim of crime and invents malicious lies about him.

Here's hoping justice will soon been done on him too.

fat boy in the dock said...

Fraud fighting patriots will be aware that Fat Andy should -- should -- be discharged from bankruptcy in just over 12 months time. But will he?

It's extremely unlikely.

Patriots might like to visit for more information, but their factsheet reads: "Your bankruptcy may be extended to 5 or 8 years if your trustee lodges an objection to your discharge with ITSA. Your trustee may lodge an objection on a number of grounds, such as your failure to: provide information to, and assist, your trustee; disclose to your trustee all income; pay assessed income contributions; explain how money was spent and/or reveal all assets and creditors."

Not only is it most unlikely that Fat Andy will be discharged. I forecast that he will be subject to increasingly intense scrutiny as the three year mark nears.

Fat Andy's lifestyle and activities provide ample evidence that he is thumbing his nose at the bankruptcy laws, just as he has always ignored other rules and regulations.

Expect to see even fewer postings on his cesspit, the Blog of Sleaze, as the heat is turned up on Fat Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Why does Landeryou have so many sock puppets? Easy!

He has multiple identities so it doesn't look so bad when everytime he orders takeaway, he orders enough for at least 10 people.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy in the Dock at 12:39 makes a very good point.

There is no way Landershonk will be released from bankruptcy. He can expect to spend an ever increasing amount of time in court throughout the next twelve months as Solly Lew, the MUSA liquidators, the taxman, ASIC, Old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all go trawling through all his dodgy dealings and examine the ins and outs of his Blog of Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

In reply to the above comment by Mr Jeff Mowatt from the UK.

In reviewing your web site it would appear from reading Mr Mowatt's comments above that he is using your site and others to promote his vendetta and is engaged in a stalking campaign against his detractors.

Mr Mowatt and his business associate Mr Terry Hallman was subject to a due diligence review of their business activities in Ukraine. Both Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman presented themselves as being directors of a successful International Economic Development Company operating out of Ukraine. Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman have been working in Ukraine since 2002. On review it was found that their company, People Centred Economic Development, had no assets, no registered offices in Ukraine and no verifiable business success (Which is required under Ukrainian Corporate law) or independent verifiable referees. Mr Hallman registered company in the UK was deregistered in 2005 following the UK governments refusal to admit Mr Hallman (A US Citizen) into the country. All comments and referrals available on the Internet pointed back to published information on their own web site.

What's more Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman made specious and unfounded allegation and assertions that the Ukrainian Authorities have been engaged in a deliberate policy of genocide and mass murder of unwanted children in Ukraine, referring to Ukrainian Orphanages as being "Death camps for Children" When asked to provide evidence to substantiate their allegations, which they claimed they had in their possession and said they would produce, they failed to do so.

The allegations made by Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman were reckless and irresponsible to say the least. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's sensational allegations of Death Camps for children have not been supported by one accredited international welfare agency.

Mr Hallman is a self appointed vigilante Civil Rights/political activist residing in Ukraine.

Further Investigation has indicated that Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman were engaged in self-promotion, pumping the Internet, in order to promote their dubious "economic development" scheme which would have seen limited pubic and private resources funnelled into establishing a WiMAx Internet service provider costing 1.5 billion dollars which they claimed would generate millions of dollars of profit which would then be used in part to fund Ukrainian Orphanages. Effectively operating as a NGO, defacto charity, whilst seeking to avoid the regulations and laws that normally govern charitable organisations.

Part of the due diligence review involved contacting US Aid that Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt claimed supported their business activities. US Aid responded to our inquiries in a letter indicating that they had no knowledge of Mr Hallman. Mr Mowatt or their company, People Centred Economic Development (PCED).

Not one of the claimed success published on their Internet site could be independently verified.

Mr Mowatt was asked on more the one occasion to respond and provide further information in relation to his company activities, information that should be readily available as a registered foreign corporation operating in Ukraine. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt declined to provide a meaningful response, instead Mr Mowat has embarked on a campaign of harassment and stalking of his critics (Including the comment above).

Independent reviews of Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's claims of business success and activities in Ukraine have come to the same conclusion as those published on the Internet (

Requests made to the publisher of this online newsletter to date have failed to prevent Mr Mowat from using this newsletter as a means of pursuing his vendetta and vilification of his critics.

More information can be found at the above mentioned web site.

Whilst I understand that this site has a beef with Andrew Landeryou the publication of the information presented by Mr Mowat who obviously has an axe to grind following the expose of his dubious business activities and the other fueled by political differences in Ukrainian politics. (I do not know about you but I think that the unconstitutional dismissal of a democratically elected parliament by a head of state should not receive endorsement. let aloe a president who illegally interferes with teh operation of a country's constitutional court i order to prevent teh court from ruling against his dictatorial decrees.

I am not here to debate teh pros ad cos of Ukraine Politics BUT I would have thought that the editors would have and should have contacted myself in order to ascertain the truth ad motive behind Mr Mowatt's vendetta.

His vendetta includes anonymous death threats and other acts of intimidation.

Buit it looks as if the editors of this publication extend their hands well and truely beyond the target of their own villifcation.

Guilt by association and false accusatsions.

Your should rename your site the Salem Landeryou Witch hunt.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Oh yes, you can bet your life I've got an axe to grind. Especially now the truth is out about Death Camps for Children in Ukraine.

Your spineless anonymous defamation which began on being refused business visa sponsorship, for one who had no business in Ukraine, comes full circle, with the bogus appointment at a children's camp of all places.

Strange job, for one who spends day and night online smearing all comers.

You've been caught out on wikipedia, confirmed as a sockpuppet vandal. Caught out on Taking IT Global, creating a profile in anothers name.

Now you came here with your righteous protest? What a 22 carat piece of shit you really must be.

Listen up psycho. Children have died through neglect while you insisted that these things were falsification. While you claimed criminal intent.

What you've done is to delay intervention that could have made a difference, simply becuase you can't handle rejection and you most certianly can't handle anyone standing up to your abuse.

Anonymous said...

UkrToday reveals his true persona:

Security guards will supervise the election for Melbourne's lord mayor after staffers for leading candidate Peter McMullin allegedly threatened a returning officer.

Victorian Electoral Commissioner Steve Tully has sent a letter to all candidates warning he will not tolerate bullying of election scrutineers on Saturday.

The commission alleges McMullin campaign staffers and Labor Party members Ray Collins and Anthony van der Kraats intimidated and threatened Melbourne returning officer Bill Lang.

Anthony Van Der Craats aka UkrToday, now intimidating political figures he disagrees with.

He's also been allowed back on the Forum UA forum as 'Ukrayinska' by moderator extraordinaire Peter Crosby, seems the two have quite a history together.

Anonymous said...

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