Monday, February 04, 2008

Andrew Landeryou’s ‘skidmark’ legacy

Andrew Landeryou’s history, as all patriots must by now be aware, is littered with failure – MUSU, IQ Corp, Optima – which have all contributed in one form or other to his bankruptcy.

And his most recent project has been unable to escape that history. That project is his Blog of Sleaze. It has been struggling as a going concern financially since its creation.

But even in the ratings stakes it has collapsed. In April 2007 we reported that Landeryou's blog according to the prestigious blog traffic rankings provider, Alexa, was ranked a low 11,019 in Australia.

The news has only gotten worse for Landeryou with the same provider recording in February 2008 that Landeryou’s blog has fallen to 16,092 in Australia. In addition, the blog is down 36% on reach; and down 118,530,983 on traffic rank.

The supporting chart reveals that the Blog of Sleaze is flat-lining away into obscurity.

It seems that with MUSU, IQ Corp, and Optima scrubbed from history, his Blog of Sleaze will be his lasting ‘skidmark’ on history.

13 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

You see dough boy, this is what happens when you act as a parrot for your labour ubermeisters, recycle news from others peoples sites when they neglect to drip feed you, and display an unhealthy fixation with old rivalries from your student uni days

lame on...

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou continues to be the blog of filth. The OC blog is and continues to be the best blog on the net. Slanderyou continues to be the worst.

Slanderyou will NEVER win a Walkleys blog award. Not even the vile influence of Carbone Money Wood and Lew will alter that fact.

The OC investigations unit beats ASIO hands down, and is the source of Australian journalism's best leaks.

Go Andrew. Go OC.

Anonymous said...

This is gold Slanderyou. Well done. This is real news. not the recycled nonsense Mr 16,000 represents.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just think it sad the way Andy comes out with his entirely predictable "blog of filth" line everytime Slanderyou gets one up on him.
Cait/Catter8/Delia/Rita/Andy or whomever you are today - who cares about a non existent blog award?
Not us that's for sure.
Keep up the good work Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Another example of El Gordo's business acumen: failed student pollie, online gaming spiv and rapidly failing blogger!
Of course, he'll blame the influence of Carbone, Money, Wood, Lew, Thornley and Mayne. It's a conspiracy, I'se tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly the graph shows that Buddha Boy's readership peaks after coverage from The Age's Carbone and Money.
Since they now are denying oxygen to the oxygen thief, his readers are tailing off.

Anonymous said...

Well put Slanders. Well put.

Save our Bay said...

Has anyone seen Landeryou's silly rant this morning about Mayne?

It was hysterical. Landeryou has really lost it.

How can Landeryou comment about someone else's financials, given the supposed parlous state of his own.

And didn't Slanderyou compare Landeryou to Paris Hilton some time ago; obviously Landeryou has been reading Slanderyou's blog intently.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! What a joke! El Gordo sets up his "story" with lies, smears and innuendo only for Mayne to shoot him down in three lines. No Walkley for this bankrupt fool.

Anonymous said...

to February 04, 2008 1:47:00 PM, I try not to look at fat Boy's blog if at all possible.
It would only raise the traffice levels by 50%.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has really lost it.

He never had it actually

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You were proven correct Slanderyou!