Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The night of the ‘greasy fingers’ when Landeryou ate $1000 worth of food

It is well known that Andrew Landeryou’s favourite (and increasingly only) pastime is eating.

He especially has an unrequited chicken fetish, especially the KFC kind.

Not very long ago, while seated at Table 1 (nearest the kitchen) Landeryou masticated through $1000 worth of food in one evening sitting.

At the end of the night he could not even fit in a wafer thin mint.

The Mayne Report carries the exclusive of the night referred to in political circles as “the night of the greasy fingers” in reference to Landeryou’s mastication skills.

No one is quite sure why Landeryou attended the evening wearing a crop top. One suggestion is that he went as alternate personality Cat Cait, with the hope that no one would recognise him.

Plus tune in Monday for updated photographs of Landeryou doing whatever Landeryou does.

40 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Who is the sick one now Comrade Slanderyou. I would gladly go out to dinner with Andrew Landeryou if he ever asked me. He is a nice man and fully deserving of the blog award he received.

What a load of filth. I don't use filthy language, unlike most MPs including female ones, but if I did I would call you some naughty names Mr Slanderyou.

catter8 said...

The publication of that list of names originally published by Stephen Mayne in 1999 and reissued in the Mayne Report (do you pay $500 to subscribe Mr Slanderyou? Us cats on disability pensions can't afford that money) is a deliberate attempt to defame me.

It's an attempt to say I worked for Ansett and therefore because Ansett went broke I can't manage a cattery. I am not Pamela Catty from Ansett and you know that well Mr Slanderyou.

I did not get invited and neither did Cait Catt. Steve Bracks sucks for not inviting us.

Anonymous said...

Some people who didn't get invited are saying naughty things about Steve Bracks. Sounds like the people in Northcote who leaked to Landeryou about a certain Mayor who had an affair with an Age or Aged journo. We won't name names as it's defamatory and also we have no proof that it occurred. Our only proof is that it was referred to on the Landeryou blog and that wouldn't be accepted in court if either the jorno or the ex Mayor sued us for defamation.

The Northcote Council in the days before its dismissal held a dinner, and certain people in the faction of Andrew, Labor Unity, were not invited to the dinner. The Mayor went with the Age or Aged journo and people in Darebin still talk about it. The Socialist Left dominated the invitation list. Some people have long memories, and you better not have an affair with someone Landeryou hates or he'll publish all the sordid details.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 says she didn't get invited to the Bracks dinner and neither did Cait Catt.

Delia Delegate (the real Delia that is) didn't get invited to the Northcote dinner. It seems the real Delia is considered in Northcote to be a person of little consequence. That's why she's been referred to in comments on various blogs as a moron. Of course she is really a he, but we need to talk about Delia as a she for no one will understand if we don't.

Anonymous said...

Catter said "The publication of that list of names originally published by Stephen Mayne in 1999 and reissued in the Mayne Report" how else would you know this,unless you are Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Nice beer gut, or is that KFC gut fatty!

Neighbourhood Watch said...

A $1,000 dollar feed? Now we know what Fat Andy meant when he referred to "a patriotic snack" from Lambs. Their burgers are $10 a throw. Fat Andy would easily get through 100 of them to keep him going between main meals.

Anonymous said...

landerfatcunt often used to book an entire table at labor fundraisers so he could eat all ten meals

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's alter ego catter8 says at 1.05 am that they are on a disability pension.

This should concern patriots for two reasons.

Firstly, catter8 has also told Slanderyou readers that they run a cattery. Catter8 is therefore committing welfare fraud, receiving benefits while operating a business. No doubt patriots will report this matter to Centrelink.

Secondly, does catter8's claim mean that Landeryou is trying to get a disability pension by claiming he is too obese to work? More sponging from the public purse by the work-shy Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Yo 10.41!! Don't you know?? Fraud & bludging is the Landeryou way!!

Anonymous said...

Why are Andrew Landeryou and his squadron of sock puppets obsessed by the details of Melbourne suburban councils? Councillors are the scrapings of the bottom of the political barrel. The pissant issues they debate are of interest to virtually no-one.

If we wanted proof that Landeryou was a sad loser with the far horizons of the bottom of a bin, you couldn't look further than the comments he puts up here.

Anonymous said...

I saw Landeryou last night spooning down fat straight from the grease trap of a Chinese restaurant on Little Bourke Street.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I saw Fat Boy doing the same in Russell Street last night too.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou was scraping spilt souvlaki off the footpath on Lonsdale Street early on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou really is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Most of the recent comments (that is, this morning) on this blog are not worth referring to. They are not the comments of a worthwhile person and shall be ignored.

11.10, however, raises a serious issue. That is the issue of the quality of our local government representatives.

He or she says "why are Andrew Landeryou and his squadron of sock puppets obsessed by the details of Melbourne suburban councils? Councillors are the scrapings of the bottom of the political barrel. The pissant issues they debate are of interest."

Unfortunately the Labor Party is to blame for much of this. The quality of its representatives in local government is appalling. Remember the old Northcote Council? I'm not talking about the ex Mayor and the Age journo alluded to before. I'm referring to a decade or so earlier.

The quality of Labor Councillors now has not improved. Robert Doyle used to write about them in the old Slandersyou blog, and pointed out that voters should throw out Labor councillors and their dummies. Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote "Most of the recent comments (that is, this morning) on this blog are not worth referring to. They are not the comments of a worthwhile person"

I agree, but you forget that we are talking about Landeryou, who is not a worthwhile person!

Morals Campaigner said...

"Tune in Monday for updated photographs of Landeryou doing whatever Landeryou does."

Do patriotic, law abiding folk really want to see pictures of a grossly obese man hunched over a computer in the wee small hours of the morning in a dingy room scoffing fatty food while pleasuring himself to internet porn?

Anonymous said...

I always understood IQ Corporation went broke because Landeryou spent all of Solly Lew's millions on takeaway. The stories say he got through $25,000 worth of Popcorn Chicken most mornings to whet his appetite for lunch.

Anonymous said...

A mate tipped me off to this page after I told them that I worked in a catering company and used to do boardroom lunches for IQ Corporation. It was weird. They used to order meals for 50 and plates, cutlery and napery for one. I lost my job when the firm folded because a major client did not pay its bills. I always suspected this was IQ.

Fraud Fighting Patriot said...

One Anon said yesterday "Most of the recent comments... are not the comments of a worthwhile person"

Another opinined "I agree, but you forget that we are talking about Landeryou, who is not a worthwhile person!"

Let us not miss the point. Landeryou is not worthwhile person, but ensuring he faces the consequences of his deed is most worthwhile indeed.

Anonymous said...

Mr Creosote is a fantastic name for Landeryou.

Fans of The Meaning of Life will recall that Mr Creosote chunders everywhere before exploding.

Landeryou is emulating Mr Creosote completely.

The Blog of Sleaze is the chunder.

I can't wait to see the fat crook burst.

Fraud Fighting Patriot said...

Sorry, folks. That should be "deeds" plural instead of "deed" in my previous post. Landeryou is a repeat offender.

Fraud Fighting Patriot said...

I also think Mr Creosote is a great names for Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Team Slanderyou comments that "It is well known that Andrew Landeryou’s favourite (and increasingly only) pastime is eating."

The fat man is obviously getting tired of the defaming game. He barely bothers to update his Blog of Sleaze nowadays. It is clear that no one is prepared to pass on any tips to him, no one is reading it and Landeryou is so physically and mentally enfeebled by his diet of deep fried food he can no longer make up his lies or even cut and paste in a story from the wires and add the headline "OC EXCLUSIVE".

Anonymous said...

With Labor in power in Canberra, tips to Mr Creosote's Blog of Sleaze from True Believers have dried up.
El Gordo depends on Vic Libs nowadays for news, comments and readers, which shows how desperate both sides of the equation are.

Anna F said...

I still think Andy is sexy. Leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Professor Paul Zimmet is director of the International Diabetes Institute and Professor Garry Jennings is director of the Baker Heart Research Institute who has said that Diet and exercise remain the healthiest, and least risky, ways to lose weight.

An important message Andy.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy and the Victorian Libs?

Jesus Christ, Landeryou gets worse and worse every single day. He's now fucking a corpse.

Anonymous said...

Patriots should be aware that "Anna F" is the nickname of a notorious male prisoner serving a never to be released sentence in a Victorian high security facility. So should Landeryou. I hope for his sake he packs some KY when he goes to the nick.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise! Mr Creosote's Blog of Sleaze is attacking "Fairfax press smears" or what reasonable people would call reporting on the ICAC inquiry into the cesspool that is Wollongong City Council.

Mr Creosote will be in for a surprise when he finally gets out of bed this afternoon and sees the Daily Telegraph headlines "More Iemma ministers drawn into ICAC sex scandal" and "Up to their necks in it".

Mr Creosote might even get such a shock he explodes!

Anonymous said...

Mr Creosote is just jealous. He probably hopes he could get involved in a sex scandal

Anonymous said...

couples we'd like to see - mr creosote and joe tripodi

Anonymous said...

Could Mr Creosote be make an honest buck for the first time in his life by embarking on a career in this curious sport? His beloved Fox News reports....

Competitive Eating Contests Bring in the Dough

Kathryn Buschman Vasel
FOX Business

NEW YORK -- Over the last 10 years, competitive eating has evolved from middle school cafeterias and county fair events, to highly-competitive mainstream events. While not everyone agrees that competitive eating is a legitimate sport, there is little doubt that it’s growing in popularity and businesses, and eaters are cashing in.

The most famous event, Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Championship, reportedly attracted 40,000 spectators last summer when Joey Chestnut consumed 66 dogs (with buns) in 12 minutes.

This "super bowl" of competitive eating has taken place on Coney Island, N.Y., for at least 40 years and the event has grown tremendously in the last five years, according to Nathan’s Famous CEO Eric Gatoff.

“During the early days of the contest, all we wanted to do was get our name on Page Six," he said. But the frank fest has greatly expanded Nathan's business of selling its products to supermarkets and the food service industry.

“This event and its broadcasting on ESPN has helped us expand," he said. "We now have 18,000 locations that sell Nathan’s products, and as the event becomes more popular, more people have heard of our product."

"The value of these public events greatly exceeds the dollars we spend putting on the event," Gatoff said.

Two brothers also saw a business opportunity in the eating fest and in 1997 founded the International Federation of Competitive Eating [IFOCE]. George Shea, along with his brother Richard, started the federation, which now has five full-time employees. The federation supervises, regulates and develops eating competitions in the U.S. and the world.

“When the Nathan’s event took off, we realized it needed a governing body -- we are a league and franchise,” Shea said. The IFOCE currently has more than 50 eaters under contract, and 10,000 people who are actively signed up to receive information on competitions.

“We treat this as a real business franchise: we have safety regulations, everyone is over 18," Shea said. "Yes, this is kind of funny and silly, but at the end of the day there can be a lot of money involved.”

Shea, who serves as the emcee of the hot dog chow down, said Nathan’s got $100 million of media last year with $40 million coming from domestic TV alone.

“It’s a powerful return," Shea said. "The average cost of an event would be that of a quarter or half page ad in most newspapers, and the [companies] get tons of coverage. It has become a business, and essentially we’ve created a sporting franchise that is free media for our clients.”

The IFOCE also hosts the Krystal Square Off, a hamburger eating contests in Chattanooga, Tenn., along with 80 other events annually around the nation. “There is always a comedic element to these events, but it’s real and dramatic, which gives it a life and makes it more dynamic than it would be otherwise,” Shea said.

True to the business world, when one organization establishes itself in a sector another will follow. In 2004 Arnie Chapman established the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters [ACE].

Chapman, along with other eaters, wasn’t happy with IFOCE’s contract and the limitations it placed on them. “We aren’t against contracts. We are against the idea of someone signing a contract that gives them no rights at all,” Chapman said.
ACE hosts about 20-25 events a year, including qualifying events. A key difference between ACE events and IFOCE events is that ACE follows “picnic-style rules” and only allows food to be eaten the way it is normally.

“It’s nasty allowing that sort of mutilation," Chapman said. "You should eat [food] the way it was intended."

Chapman, a 46-year-old better known in the eating world as “Chowhound,” holds the record for downing the most pickles. He ate 2.94 pounds of sweet hard sour pickles in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

“Sometimes I don’t know what I am thinking, it’s such an unforgiving food, ” Chapman said. Chapman won the Nathan's contest in 1991 by eating 11.5 dogs in six minutes, which today seems like a meager amount.

"It's like any other sport -- it's a promotion, that's why we are hired," Chapman said. "It is money well spent for the companies that host eating events. If you look at the cost of advertising in a 10-12,000 circulation newspaper and then look at what we charge it is money well spent -- all you have to do is get past the idea of mass consumption."

Chapman recommends that if restaurants or companies wants to brand its name with an eating event, they have to stick to the competition for many years to mark the landscape.
Crazy Legs Conti, who is ranked 11th in the world, is involved in an eating-related event at least once a week, but he isn't making a lot money from it.

"A top-five eater is probably earning $20,000, but for someone like me I am breaking even when you include the cost of travel and the cost of buying all the guys drinks in the bar afterward," Conti said.

Conti said he's seen a lot of changes in the pro-eating world since he started following it in the late 1990s, and that he sees more corporate sponsorship in eating.

"The business model of major league eating extends to many different tangents, it is part entertainment, part PR and part altruistic, and will continue to see where it goes in 2008," Conti said

While it might seem like all fun and games, some dietitians argue competitive eating is a dangerous pastime.

The healthy response to eating that much food is to throw up, said Milton Stokes a registered dietitian.

“But competitive eaters train, they use low-calories, high-volume food, like water or cabbage, to allow their body to hold that amount of food,” Stokes said.

Others are concerned with the image mass food consumption conveys to viewers, particularly young ones.

"We have people eating too much already, then they see thin people eating so many hot dogs and think to themselves, 'What I am eating can't be so bad?'" said Tara Gidus, a registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "It's sending messages that aren’t good in our obese society, particularly for kids. It's just not something I see a real need for."

But Crazy Legs Conti doesn't plan on curbing his eating.

"I've still gotta eat," he said.

Anonymous said...

The only sex scandal involving El Gordo would have to be interspecies.

PUPPY LOVE said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Creosote had sex with Ronnie and ate the evidence

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Mr Creosote had sex with Ronnie and ate the evidence

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