Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tune in Tuesday (Monday Mania special edition)

Liberty Larry has had a very busy week - well done Larry.

Meanwhile, other members of Team Slanderyou have also been hard at work.

And on Tuesday, we bring you a very special investigation.

Tune in Tuesday: it'll be good. Here is a clue.

9 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Liberty Larry together with Slanderyou (is Liberty Larry a sock puppet of Slanderyou?) should go to Costa Rica and stay there. No, not Nassau in the Bahamas. That's where Winston Churchill sent the Nazi sympathising ex King Edward VIII so he'd be away from the Nazis during World War 2. It's fit for royalty. Not for Slanderyou, the author of the blog of filth.

Read the latest news on the OC blog. The best blog on the net.

Anonymous said...

So Cait Landeryou: why haven't you said anything about your buddy Ray? Has the Scales of Justice cut your tongue.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait Slanderyou. Keep up the great work. Remember everyone, Victims' Rights. There are many victims of Landeryou's slurs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Cait, you haven't denied the Nassau link, just tried to distract attention. Why is that?

Kevin of Southbank said...

I am confused.

Landeryou is always critical of people who aren't bankrupt: Thornley, Latham,Baillieu, just about everyone involved in politics.

What is it about successful people that Landeryou has a problem with.

Anonymous said...

Easy. Couldn't be a student president, took down the union. Couldn't run an internet business, rages against Thornley and Mayne. Can't run for office, rants about Latham and Baillieu, etc. Can't be a journalist, rails against The Age and Crikey. In short: a jealous, washed-up, talentless, bankrupt no-hoper.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 has her own blog. It's

and it's sure worth a visit, for entertainment purposes anyway. You can always leave a comment praising the great man, or denigrating him if that's what you want to do.

I love you Liberty Larry. Your contributions are great.

Fraud Fighting Patriot said...

When Landeryou gets nervous he eats more. I hear he has gained 25 kilos since Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Is El Gordo due back in court?