Monday, February 18, 2008

COMMENT CARNAGE: Landeryou flouts own ruling

In response to public calls that Andrew Landeryou’s Blog of Sleaze is a “...cesspit in blogging”, last week from Fat Cave central, Landeryou was forced to issue a half baked list of inconsistent and subjective criteria for commentators to follow on his Blog of Sleaze. Landeryou wrote that the penalty for breaking the rules: “... we'll delete the comments, ban your IP” – in other words – censorship. The real missing element of this that Landeryou conveniently missed out was that if a commentator attempts to correct Landeryou’s story, publish the truth or in fact attempt to disagree with Landeryou, he will summarily delete the comment(s).

The crazy blog Frog, has of course run the line before about linking IPs to particular commentators to his blog as we reported in October and December 2006.

"...Landeryou has installed a new tracking device on his Blog of Shame. The new comments feature, Haloscan, enables the 'pro-comment cancelling' Fuhrer to:

- View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page·

- Ban commenters by single IP or an IP range.

The recording of commentator's IP addresses is a worrying development, as Landeryou actively records IP addresses in order to track down opponents."

Landeryou of course goes on further to write per submitted comments: “... do what the OC occasionally does and asks (sic) whether I'd like to see what I'm writing about someone else written about me. That simple reality check leads me to be tapping away at the backspace key quite a lot more than many would realise.” Landeryou has a well deserved reputation for plastering his Blog of Sleaze with innuendo, unfounded speculation, half truths and a peculiar blend of sleaze. Patriots have long asked, so how does Landeryou reconcile his writings with these editorial criteria? And a supplementary question, which ‘reality’ is Landeryou referring to?

Landeryou further adds: “So please be conscious of that too the next time you question someone else's sexual ethics, fidelity or other aspects of their private life.” Cries of hypocrisy rang out throughout the TS office as staff read this.

Finally, behind crocodile tears, Landeryou ends: “...ultimately I'm responsible for all the comments too so I hope you keep that in mind too the next time you feel the need to say things in the comments section”. Landeryou obviously has forgotten that MUSU, and IQ Corp, and other associated activities, were his responsibility too. Patriots and TS readers have kept those failed responsibilities ‘in mind’ for him.

21 Truth On Comments:

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Landeryou is an obsessive censor, yet calls his sleazy site "The Blog of Freedom". An obsessive censor and a compulsive liar.

Anonymous said...

Landershonk is out defending his fellow former jailbird Brian Burke yet again.

Burke was entrusted by Western Australian citizens with the management of the state. He ended up costing them a billion dollars, thanks to the morass that was WA Inc.

Landershonk has been entrusted with various management tasks. The people who have been foolish enough to put their trust in him have lost millions.

Does Landershonk admire and defend Burke so much because he managed to lose so much money? Is this Landeryou's goal: to lose a billion dollars of other people's money?

Anonymous said...

Patriots should not be intimidated by Landeryou's huff 'n' puff about tracking IP numbers.

Yet again, the fat man is not telling the truth.

If any patriotic, law-abiding citizen really wants to visit the Blog of Sleaze, all they need to do is first go to the free anonymiser site and then follow the prompts and they will be able to safely dip a toe into Landeryou's cesspool.

The fat crim will not be able to invade their privacy or steal their personal details.

Cait Catt said...

The OC is not a criminal site. The OC is an honest and ethical blog, not a blog of filth like Slanderyou.

Slanderyou peddles untruths. I urge Slanderyou readers to forget their prejudices and read the OC, the best blog on the net.

Anonymous said...

Begging for traffic now, hey, fat boy?

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou doesn't like Brian Burke. That's obvious. There is another side to this matter. Read the defence of Burke below that first appeared on the Landeryou blog.

Saturday, 16 February 2008
BURKEY'S RIGHTS: Fairfax Journalist And His Missing Moral Compass Lost in a Cyclone of Hateful Fury

The Left prides itself on defending the rights of the downtrodden and unpopular. Some of that is for the good. David Hicks is an anti-semitic scumbag who chose to engage in terrorist militia training. But I'm comfortable and happy about the fact that even he had people - of the Left usually - concerned about his right to a fair trial and to be considered innocent before his conviction. Everyone deserves that.

But their stance can shift very easily and quickly. Look at Brian Burke. I won't review all that we've discussed in the past on this issue but the witch-hunt continues, undiminished by time, in new and mutating forms.


The former journalist and West Australian Premier became a lobbyist. He was very successful at that occasionally ethically challenging job for a time but was basically shut out of it by the WA Government. There should be more regulation of lobbying not less so we welcome their efforts to require registration of lobbyists. And Burkey chose not to register as a lobbyist and is out of that area of commerce.

Despite his retirement from that line of work, now it seems a new front has emerged in the War on Burke. Now his right as a citizen to even make social contact with people in politics is under question. Why? Not sure exactly. No one has explained why he continues to be an issue when I'm sure he just wants to get on quietly with life.


The Fairfax press doesn't have much influence in WA but they haven't met a Labor Right-winger they didn't dislike. Their Sydney Morning Herald rag rips into Brian Burke rather savagely, you can read the whole angry rant here from the Fairfaxista stationed in the Western badlands Monsieur Robert Wainwright (also known as Rose Hancock's biographer).

It's scarcely worth reading except for the part where they discuss his fall from the moral apex of journalism to vicious lowlands of politics:

He understood how the newsroom (of the West Australian) operated, having worked there as a cadet reporter, but had little respect for its mandate or the moral compass of his former profession, not to mention former colleagues who he knew ignored his call at their peril.

Veteran journaliste Wainwright of certain moral compass might do well to be sure of his bearings because what his review of Burke contains so little balance it falls over into a steaming vat of self-indulgence, score-settling and culture warring.


His words or words from anonymous and hostile sources on Burke: disgraced, deceit, duplicity, sins, falling victim to Brian Burke, forlorn figure, unhappily large, the last victim, corruption, falling into Burke's web, past wrongs, brazen, rogue, ruled, fell into the trap (of Burke), enmeshed, almost impossible to escape, insatiable desire, corrupt, psychologically flawed, without principles, most cannot abide him, a blight on the party and the state, lovable rogue, dangerous, absolutely shameless, duplicitous, name dropper, over-inflated ego, overstates capabilities, brazen outlook on life, resign in disgrace, more than capable of being dishonest, often lying to get what he wanted, psychological disorder, how can he face the mirror test each morning, technician without morality, it's all about him, destroyed a friend, desire to dominate, etc.

And this for a bloke who granted the journalist a two hour interview. You'd hate to think where Robert Wainwright's moral compass might have taken him had told the unannounced to visitor to eff off from his home rather than chew the fat for two hours.


Brian Burke has made mistakes, another one of it seems, sitting down with a Fairfax journalist who feels able to throw rocks at a man he wouldn't have said boo to in times gone by.

Bullies are cowards. It takes courage though to learn this basic truth. It's time the bullies of the left-wing press, and the vulture opportunists swooping in for a quick snack are taught that Burkey has his rights too. Those trampling on them, thuggishly assaulting his good name should quickly find their moral compass, dust off the cobwebs and move on.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the RSPCA and animal protection officers from the Victorian Department of Primary Industries raided Cait Catt's establishment over the weekend.

They were following reports that a fat, balding man with gout had eaten all the cat food - and, indeed, several of the cats.

Anonymous said...

Brian Burke also has his defenders in the Victorian Liberal Party. Richard Russell is such a defender. His address on the Landeryou blog is a link to the Victorian Liberal Party. 104 (the Liberal Party's address in Exhibition Street) ought to be more careful when it's operatives write praises to a former ALP Rremier of WA. Read on:

Brian Burke is a good man. The campaign waged against him by the Fairfax empire is deceitful, dishonest and downright dangerous.

We reap what we sow and the Fairfax media is going to have to pay for their campaign of vilification and slander against one of Western Australia's favourite sons. Long live Brian Burke. A great Australian.

Richard Russell

Anonymous said...

No-one reads the Blog of Sleaze so its desperate webmaster dumps its content here. Stay in your cesspit, Fat Man!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou, why are you so utterly dishonest?

Glenn Milne broke the weekend story on Brian Burke in the News Limited papers, yet you keep talking about Fairfax.

Kerry Stokes' West Australian is also full of news of Burke's improper relationships, day-in and day-out.

Slanderyou readers are not like the foolish naifs who visit your sleazy site.

You have been caught lying and attempting to mislead yet again.

Anonymous said...

I have also heard about the raid on Cait's cattery.

I understand the officers involved were distressed and disgusted to find several cats in deep fryers.

Nearby were recipes and ingredients demonstrating efforts to decipher the Colonel's secret mix of herbs and spices.

Anonymous said...

We should not be surprised at all that Landeryou is cooking and eating cats.

His favourite foodstuff is KFC. KFC, of course, are notorious for their cruel treatment of animals.

In the early days of the Blog of Sleaze, Landeryou was mawkishly sentimental about his little dog Ronnie. We have not heard about his little four legged friend for a long, long time though. I gather Ronnie was put in the deep fryer ages ago.

Indeed, it is understood that Landeryou has cooked rats, mice, possums, and kiddies' pet rabbits and guinea pigs stolen from their hutches as well as cats in his attempts to replicate KFC at home.

Anonymous said...

Check out the apartments on the corner of Russell and Little Collins Streets. One has nets outside to catch pigeons and sparrows.

The garbage for one apartment in the complex is full of feathers.

All the evidence suggests that Landeryou catches birds, plucks them, dusts them down with an approximation of Colonel Sanders' famous secret mix of herbs and spices, shoves them in the deep fryer and scoffs them down.

Anonymous said...

landeryous dietry habits may be almost as disgusting as the contents of his blog of sleaze

Solly said...

Landeryou was unable to produce any financial records for IQ Corporation in court because he ate them.

catter8 said...

My cattery is the home of the best cats in Victoria. No cats are ever mistreated. It is lies perpetrated on the blog of filth that suggest otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 is actually a 17-year-old African-American Muslim, who lives in Georgia like the late Rita.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 an African American? No way!

Landershonk is just making up MySpace and Facebook profiles of his imaginary friends. He wants to flesh out their characters a little and make them more convincing.

Landershonk has no real friends, after all.

Anonymous said...

As someone relatively new to the Landeryou circumstance, I don't get it. Is Landeryou on the Left or the Right?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is close to Labor Unity apparatchiks in Victoria. Labor Unity is the Right wing faction in the Victorian ALP.

Landeryou prints the nicest things about Sophie Mirabella, the Liberal MHR for Indi, and says she is PM material. Sophie is on the Right of the Liberal Party.

Landeryou has been getting a lot of leaks from disaffected members of the Liberal Party. These are people with nowhere else to go and they are certainly on both the Left (the wets, like Ted Baillieu) and the Right (dries, the Krogerites).

Landeryou uses various sock puppets, like Cait Catt, Catter8, Rita Randles and Freedom Freddy. I don't know whether the sock puppets are meant to be right or left. Their main aim seems to be to bag Slanderyou.

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