Sunday, October 25, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Fat Cave

Team Slanderyou has obtained an exclusive picture of the resident of the Vexnews fat cave.

The resident wanted to remain anonymous. Our photo journalist was requested to photograph him/her/it wearing funny glasses and moustache so as to obscure their identity. Right click into a new window/tab to view the picture in full.

Patriots may wish to guess the identity of the resident.

The photograph reveals a horrifying medical experiment in progress. The fat cave resident is trying valiantly, it must be said, to become the fastest person on the planet.

Team Slanderyou is taking a sabbatical through November, and will return in early December. TS may Twitter occasionally, so please view our Tweets.

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Anonymous said...

That's not water by Fat Andrew's side. It's vodka!

Andy is a snark said...

let me guess, is it Andy?

Randy "Macho Man" Savage said...

bit thin to be Andy. but I will also go for Andy

Anna F said...

is it Cait Catt or Shirley?

Brutus Beefcake said...

If you were wondering where me and my hot rodders were over the weekend we were embarking on a radical series of exercises designed to boost penis length, girth and erection sustainability.

I am pleased (although Andrew Landeryou will not be) that everything went extremely well.

Me and my hot rodders suspect that despite all the bribes and blackmail Premier Brumby may well have to throw Landeryou to the woolfs before the next election.

Our only fear is that Landeryou will kill himself as soon as he is placed in custody.

Bruta Bulldyke said...

My brother Brutus and me have long suspected Landeryou lives as a woman in an attempt to escape his clutches.

But as the Herald Sun reports today, it's not all beer and skittles at the prison I rule. Read on, Landeryou!

"UNDERWORLD widow Judy Moran was left shoe-less and shirty after a prison crackdown.

"The woman accused of murdering her brother-in-law, Desmond "Tuppence" Moran, contacted the Herald Sun through a friend to complain about conditions at the state's main women's jail.

"The intermediary, also named Judith, said Ms Moran wanted to air grievances on behalf of herself and 20 other inmates at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre at Deer Park, in Melbourne's west."

Judy is too terrified to mention me, Bruta, and the Bulldyke Brigade, but let me warn you Landeryou. Even if you convince the authorities you are a lady we are ready for you.

I have stolen a pile driver and a pneumatic drill and several nail guns from the prison workshop and converted them into dildoes while ensuring that they still maintain their old functions.

Spider Pig said...

Is it me, or does landeryou look like he has lost weight?

Anonymous said...

I thought the fat man had lost a lot of weight too. He must be shitting himself all the time at the thought of what Brutus and Bubba and the rest of the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders will do to him.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will lose weight once we Hot Rodding men have devastated his bowels. That is of course if he lives.

Concerned said...

Shame on you, Team Slanderyou! That is not El Gordo in the photo.

a) The person is too thin

b) There is not enough KFC

c) There is no cheap and nasty fortified wine

d) They are not in a dress

Anonymous said...

I am with Concerned. There is no lunatic with a colander on his head in army disposals cammo standing alongside the person in the person ready to wipe his bum i.e. Sgt Sascha.

A patriot said...

From the Oz today. Meanwhile, we have all read on this site what is happening with Vexnews' readership.

Fairfax, publisher of papers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review, is trading close to $1.80 from lows of about 80c in March. Regional giant APN is close to $2.50, compared with 95c in June.

West Australian Newspapers, publisher of The West Australian, which was close to $3.70 in November last year, is almost $8.

News Corp (Australia's biggest publisher, and publisher of The Australian) was last week trading above $16, off a year-low of $8.93.

Anonymous said...

Who saw the Herald Sun editorial today? It explains why Landeryou didn't stay in Costa Rica.

"VICTORIA has the dubious honour of hosting more fast-food outlets per head of population than any other Australian state," it begins.

Anonymous said...

I took a punt with my internet security and visited poxnews earlier today for the first time in months . There was nothing new there just fat boy attacking all his predictable targets.

What makes it so lame is that all his attacks quote supposed insiders all of whom are anonymous. It is so transparently obvious that Landeryou makes all these quotes up as they never vary in tone or content. They are paint by number's jobs.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

The Madness explained ?!?!?!?

Poisoning-accused KFC 'purged records'


October 26, 2009 03:19pm

SALES records and CCTV footage of purchases made at a Sydney fast food outlet the day a customer claimed she developed salmonella poisoning have been purged, a court has been told.

Monika Samaan, now 11, is suing KFC - through her father Amanwial Samaan - claiming she developed salmonella poisoning from a Twister he bought her at a KFC restaurant at Villawood on October 24, 2005.

KFC denies being responsible for her illness, maintaining there is no sales data to prove a Twister was purchased by Mr Samaan at the time he claims it was.

In the New South Wales Supreme Court today, Mr Samaan's barrister, Anthony Bartlett SC, told the court he believed a "substantial volume of documents'' kept by KFC had been purged.

"The purge means we will never have the documents that might allow us to refute there was not a single Twister sold after 3pm on October 24 (2005),'' he said.

"If we had those we would be able to match the amount of chicken cooked with the amount of chicken sold.''

The court heard the sales records and CCTV footage of the sale were destroyed at the commencement of proceedings.

"We weren't able to find it in May '09,'' Mr Bartlett said.

Mr Bartlett is seeking to have KFC's computer records analysed, which he estimates will take three months and cost $100,000.

"We have to deal with these documents that should have been produced, at the latest, in May,'' he said.

Mr Bartlett requested the case's hearing date of November 30 be rescheduled, to allow more time for the purged documents to be accessed and examined.

Justice Stephen Rothman asked for the request to be put in writing, so he can decide whether or not to adjourn the hearing date.

Lawyers for KFC applied to the court to amend its defence to deny that a Twister was bought by Mr Samaan.

"KFC emphatically rejects the suggestion of counsel for the plaintiff that any documents relevant to KFC's sales data have deliberately not been made available by KFC,'' KFC general manager Angus Armstrong said today.

"These are totally unsubstantiated suggestions and appear to be an attempt to distract attention from the real issue, which, in light of the sales records, is proving Mr Samaan actually purchased the Twister from the store in the first place.''

Ronald McDonald said...

Landeryou always purges himself after eating KFC, but only so he can go and eat even more.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Who knew that eating well past their used by date, halal chicken sausages substituted with pork, could make someone so morbidly obese.

Terry from Taranaki said...

Stephen Mayne is copping the usual Landeryou bollocking on Vexnews. Much ado about nothing, as usual.

Landeryou is huving heaps of fun wuth hus fake communtur 'Murray from New Zealand'. Landeryou is too much of a dullard to realise when his 'jokes' have gone too far...

Other than that, Vexnews as always is just a tired mausoleum of stolen stories, photos and mountains of wacky fake comments.

Sunday Herald Sun copyboy said...

I always visit Vexnews at bedtime. I have found doing this is equivalent to taking a handful of Mogadon sleeping tablets.

I always nod off quickly and, because the content is predictable and boring, I don't have nightmares.

AIF Battalions said...

Landeryou is a Dom and cross-dressing freak who dares to denigrate Tony Albanese as a nutty homo.

Tony is no nuttier than the other politicians of both persuasians who have wrecked Australia in recent years. Australia is no longer a country with European links, culture and heritage. It is becoming a diaspora of unrelated peoples and religions, many of whom do not share our ways and values.

Sickening malfeasance and misfeasance.

I guess, these are the politicians we deserve... They are batting for another team, and not for the European pioneers and settlers of the Australia generations fought for, and died for. What a disgrace!

Robert Menzies said...

If I had wanted Somali neighbours, I would have gone to live in Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Australian society is breaking down under the unwelcome Indo-Chinese, Indian and African hordes.

I distrust politicians, bureaucrats and local governments to handle or fix this burgeoning problem.

After all, they caused the disaster. Not us.

Surely it's time for a referendum?

I want to vote for the future of the country I served as a soldier, 21 years as a CFA volunteer, and taxpaying worker for over 30 years.

The people I've met among the newcomers, while very nice, just didn't get 'it'! They just don't understand Australia or us.

Repitition Rules OK said...

It must be that time of year again. The ABC putting Lesbian stuff to air.

I just wish us indigenous gals who don't fly with the other ducks got a go too!

Tonight's effort on ABC-TV is an Aussie gal and her Indian mate.

Drongos! Who gives a stuff?

It was shown last year at this time too.

Sack the fools who put this crap on again!

Presidents of the United States said...

Banned advert involving a hotdog and a rather attractive women; Bus misses pedestrian, but only just; Runaway lorry makes a mess of car park; Car gets revenge on pigeon

This man was innocently eating his hotdog in the car, while enjoying the pleasant view. Then this happenned!

His life must have flashed before his eyes as this Russian pedestrian narrowly escapes being squashed by a bus.

Anonymous said...

Weird. Landeryou was posting racist comments on this blog again last night in the wee small hours while he was in his cups

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Fat Cave pic has nothing on what Landeryou's hospital room will look like when he is having his entire digestive tract reconstructed after suffering the deprivations of the Hot Rodding Men.

That HA HA kid from The Simpsons said...

I noticed on the graphic that Andy has a SAD light.

How SAD!!!

At least Slanderyou and Patriots here shine the TORCH of LIGHT onto him.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Cock up or deliberate destruction of shareholder value. My few TLS shares are on the safe bet this was deliberate. If so, Conroy should be sacked, today.

Conroy blunder could damage Telstra
October 27, 2009 - 12:33PM

Comments 26
Stephen Conroy.

"The Government regrets the error" ... Stephen Conroy. Photo: Michele Mossop

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accidentally released a confidential report containing potentially damaging and embarrassing details about Telstra.

Analysts say the leak could put Telstra on the back foot in negotiations around the upcoming $43 billion National Broadband Network.

And in a further gaffe, the most sensitive information in the 252-page document is highlighted in yellow. This was presumably to make it easier to censor the information but instead has allowed Telstra's competitors and detractors to skip to the juiciest details.

Furthermore, many of the pages in the report, tabled in the Senate yesterday, are labelled "confidential" and are meant only for individuals with "National Broadband Network probity clearance".

See the full report (PDF, 1.24MB)

"How on earth can Australian taxpayers trust this bloke to deliver a $43 billion National Broadband Network?" Opposition communications spokesman Nick Minchin said.

"This information goes to the heart of confidential negotiations and Senator Conroy has released terms of those negotiations in the public arena further jeopardising this entire process."

A spokesman for Senator Conroy said the commercially sensitive information was "tabled by mistake and the Government regrets the error".

The report, written by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and dated January 2009, is an assessment of proposals for building the next-generation broadband network.

It contains highly detailed information about the value of Telstra's existing copper network assets (between $8 billion and $33 billion), extensive financial details including its cost of capital, network access prices and an analysis of funding uneconomic services in the bush.

Telecommunications analyst Paul Budde said this information was critical to negotiations between Telstra and the Government over how large a share - if any - Telstra should have in the NBN and the amount of assets it needs to hand over to obtain that share.

"This should not have happened. The Government should have been far more careful. It has breached trust and that's not a good thing," Budde said.

"It could indirectly damage Telstra in its negotiating position ... it allows competitors to meddle in the whole discussion by commenting on this report and in that way undermining Telstra's position."

But Budde noted that some of the confidential information revealed in the report was already known to industry figures, although not in such detail.

Detailed appendix information about providing broadband services to commercially unviable areas would allow critics to test Telstra's public claims with the reality.

"That particular appendix would give ammunition to people who have been arguing that there will be other ways to skin the cat if you don't leave it up to Telstra and give it to other players in the market," Budde said.

Other appendixes in the report, such as one examining whether Telstra should be structurally separated to improve competition, could be used "to suss out how genuine Telstra is in its approach", Budde said.

"Telstra was saying you don't have to structurally separate us to get the outcome you want, so this document could be used to say Telstra is right or wrong," he said.

But if Telstra is upset about the Government's mistake, it is not showing it publicly. The telco refused to comment on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Was Landeryou involved with his mate Conroy in some dodgy Telstra play?

Andy is a snark said...

Strange that Conroy's leak was to Fairfax and not to say...Vexnews. What does that say.

Not Again said...

Sixteen men, reportedly suburban league footballers, have been arrested in relation to an alleged pack rape on two women in Phillip Island earlier this month, says The Age.

My bet is that Landeryou will trot out some piffle in support of these animals.

Bubba from Barwon said...

Will he support US after getting brutally buggered upon arrival?

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I notice that supermarket giant Coles was forced to change the name of its Creole Creams after racism storm.

Why hasn't Andrew apologized for his chicken halal sausages, which he substituted with pork?

Presidents of the United States said...

Some explanation for Andy....

Sprawling Waistlines
Posted: 26 Oct 2009 12:14 PM PDT
When your city spreads out, so does your paunch – at least according to new work from the NBER stable. Their IV strategy seems credible, suggesting that the relationship is probably causal.
Effects of Urban Sprawl on Obesity (unstable ungated, stable gated)
Zhenxiang Zhao and Robert Kaestner
In this paper, we examine the effect of changes in population density–urban sprawl–between 1970 and 2000 on BMI and obesity of residents in metropolitan areas in the US. We address the possible endogeneity of population density by using a two-step instrumental variables approach. We exploit the plausibly exogenous variation in population density caused by the expansion of the U.S. Interstate Highway System, which largely followed the original 1947 plan for the Interstate Highway System. We find a negative association between population density and obesity and estimates are robust across a wide range of specifications. Estimates indicate that if the average metropolitan area had not experienced the decline in the proportion of population living in dense areas over the last 30 years, the rate of obesity would have been reduced by approximately 13%.

Truth Teller said...

Thank you Presidents of the United States (above).

Now we know why Landeryou tried to capture control of the Melbourne City Council. It was to stop urban consolidation in the hopes this would make more people as fat as him.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Buddha Boy has used his racist Blog of Sleaze to defend the killers on Sydney heart surgeon Victor Chang as they seek release on parole.

"What's one dead slope?" asks Buddha Boy. "There are billions of them. Who cares if a pair of slopes killed another slope almost 20 years ago?"

He adds "I hate Asians and I hate black people. I also hate Jews but pretend to like them because it annoys the left."

CrimTrac said...

Has anybody heard where Landerobesetransexualcriminal is getting his dress for the Melbourne Cup from?

What a strange new world said...

On the question of racism, I ask fellow patriot (October 27, 2009 12:24:00 PM) why it is racist to suggest a referendum on the recent arrivals to Australia. Neither the Howard or Rudd governments told us Australia would be changed forever by soft immigration policies.

Indonesian provincial governors don't want Sri Lankan refugees dumped there. And I don't want them dumped here either. I may, or may not, be racist in saying so - but I would like to know via a referendum whether I am in the minority or the majority of Australian opinion. Most Australians, in my view, are utterly shocked and horrified by their new, unheralded neighbours.

Most of all, I felt very defamed by you thinking I was Landeryou. That was terribly naughty!

Give Tony a Long Holiday said...

Bizarre Tony Abbott was on ABC Lateline again tonight.

The Liberal Party keeps on letting Tony, Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop on TV. They are precisely the reason I changed my vote from Liberal to ALP in 2007. Every time I see them on TV nowadays, it reminds me why I changed my vote.

Senators Minchin and Abetz make my flesh crawl.

I'm an Aussie said...

The 85 Somalis intended for Bacchus Marsh haven't arrived as yet so far as I know. But they will, when they arrive, forever change the mix of The Marsh. Marsh dwellers did not ask for them, nor does Moorabool Shire have the infrastructure for them. I think Marsh people will try to help and welcome them. But I can't say all will welcome them. I don't know that I will either. My personal preference is for European neighbours.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Unlike the Midnight Racist me and my hot rodding men welcome Somali criminals to Australia as we hear that they are hugely hung and want them behind bars ready to rape Landeryou when he arrives here in Barwon Jail.

Anonymous said...

Good question, CrimTrac.

Where will Shirley Landeryou get his cup outfit from, patriots?

What will he wear on Ladies Day?

Concerned said...

The transvestite prostitute Landeryou paid to pretend to be his wife was involved in some conspiracy with the owners of the dead posh La Louvre boutique up the top of Collins Street to subvert the planning laws. They may still supply Andrew with his race-going frocks.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andrew is so fat that when he goes to the races in a dress he will be mistaken for a marquee.

Anonymous said...

The Brutus beefcake thread is interesting in so far it is Landeryou himself posting this filth.

Landeryou is no doubt looking for all ways and means to shut down Slanderyou. One way is to pretend that someone is threatening violence upon his person. The authorities act, and Slanderyou is shut down.

If by some circumstance you aren't Landeryou Brutus, for our sake I suggest you stop this now.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

I read that Lily Allen is giving up pop music because she has run out of things to write about.

Landeryou should have given up in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, 1:57. I have always suspected that there are some bizarre id and ego issues there between Landeryou and Brutus Beefcake.

Barry the Bailiff said...

The Ancients of Mu Mu have reminded me about Landeryou’s bankruptcy.

Landeryou was declared bankrupt on May 23 2006. Bankruptcies are for a period of three years, although they can be extended if bankrupts do not abide by the bankruptcy law.

Landeryou clearly has not declared all his assets and is financing his hate-blogging from a swag of stolen loot he has stashed offshore, but there have been no reports saying his bankruptcy has been extended. His trustees in bankruptcy clearly thought he was so mad and so criminal it was not worthwhile pursuing him.

It may well be that Landeryou is out of bankruptcy. Still, he wants the world to think he is bankrupt to avoid defamation action.

He will be in huge trouble if someone ever calls his bluff.

Spider Pig said...

I agree with Anonymous Wednesday, October 28, 2009 2:27:00 PM about the Brutus stuff

enough already. I isn't funny.

And it only distracts attention away from Andy and Vexnews.

Enough, please.

I also suspect it stops mainstream media linking to Slanderyou on various stories.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I know when I'm not wanted. I'm out of here. It's been a pleasure knowing all you patriotic people on this blog.

I'll let you know how you can get copies of the bukkake film the Hot Rodding men intend to make with Landeryou when he finally joins us here in Barwon Jail.

Bubba said...

It's bye-bye from Bubba

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

And it's goodbye from us too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brutus. Back to the big issues. What will Landeryou wear to the Melbourne Cup? Will any circus tents go missing between now and Tuesday?

Fraud Squad said...

Landeryou gave himself a Walkely Award. He should also give himself one of these.

Kings of shonky named and shamed by Choice
By Miles Godfrey

SYDNEY, Oct 28 AAP - A food processor that can't even shred cheese, a sky-high surcharge at Qantas and mumbo jumbo from cosmetics giant L'Oreal have all scooped Shonky Awards from consumer watchdog Choice.

The annual awards are handed out to highlight companies making dodgy or dubious claims about their products.

L'Oreal was given a Shonky for its claim that ``Nutrileum'', a substance said to be in its conditioner, actually does any good.

``It's basically a meaningless term,'' Choice spokeswoman Elise Davidson told AAP after the awards were announced on Wednesday.

``Not only that, but L'Oreal also had a claim on its shampoo that washing your hair with its shampoo and then using its conditioner with serum makes hair smoother.

``But it had an asterisk saying `when compared with hair washed with just shampoo'. Again, complete nonsense.''

Qantas was given a Shonky for charging each passenger $7.70 for booking with a credit card.

``That one was really galling for a lot of consumers,'' Ms Davidson added.

``I think a lot of people really hate being charged extra for using a card.''

Perhaps most ridiculous of the products was Tiffany's $39.99 FP807 food processor, which Choice says broke into pieces during three separate tests - while trying to shred cheese.

Some of the products, like Uncle Toby's Honey Oat Crisp cereal, were chosen for being the worst examples of common consumer complaints.

Choice found Uncle Toby's had reduced the size of its packaging very slightly.

``We get thousands of complaints about companies doing this all the time, whether it's chocolate bars, cereal or whatever,'' Ms Davidson said.

The downsize meant the overall cost per 100 grams of the cereal rose by 10 per cent, Choice says.

There is one bright spot for consumers though; Choice says the number of unsafe products it is reviewing or testing has dropped significantly.

``Sometimes the criticism can be constructive. On a few occasions in the past companies have talked to us and either removed claims or changed them,'' Ms Davidson said.

``We want it to be a positive thing.''

Staff at Choice say they are not holding their breath waiting for the companies named and shamed to pick up their Shonky Awards.

``They never pick them up, it's not like it's something to be proud of,'' Ms Davidson said.

Anonymous said...

500 kilo man Andrew Landeryou has linked to this story today:

Chubby clubbers get plus-size venues

I wonder why.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

So Slanderyou has slithered out of sight down the gutter for the next few months.

Many people have told me, that they hope he never comes back.

I agree. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you beat me to it.

Shirley Morris said...

Henderson, I've noticed that Slanderyou has become more and more desperate, and equally (if it's possible) less relevant.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Shirley, I came across your post by accident.

Yes, I agree with you. Also, the leftards post less often, the jihadists have dried up, and even the disgusting criminal element signed off today.

But I think while they are quiet, they haven't disappeared. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Landeryou says "the disgusting criminal element signed off today" yet here he is still leaving posts under false and fraudulent identities on this partiotic site.

Anonymous said...

The Age says: "CASINO boss James Packer has taken a swipe at Crown's detractors, saying anti-gambling campaigners and the media focus only on a handful of addicts who slip through the cracks and ignore the benefits of casinos".

Sorry James! You are a repulsive leech and promoter of disaster and suicide for many thousands of Victorian families. In your world of inflated wealth, you just wouldn't understand!

Go and F*ck youself!

Fartfungus said...

We might have seen the end of Brutus and his Merry Men (more's the pity). I understand the moderator's point of view, but humour (albeit of a gross nature) is always a good way of bringing Landeryou undone. Humourless Landeryou's biggest problem is that he takes himself too seriously!

Fartfungus said...

We might have seen the end of Brutus and his Merry Men (more's the pity). I understand the moderator's point of view, but humour (albeit of a gross nature) is always a good way of bringing Landeryou undone. Humourless Landeryou's biggest problem is that he takes himself too seriously!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou hasn't been doing much stalking lately. He must have got too fat.

Concerned said...

Members of the patriotic, law-abiding, sober-living community not given to transvestitism may have seen the report below on the ABC.

What has not been reported is the staggering number of casualties among KFC workers as they attempt to fulfil Shirley's orders.

McDonald's staffer worked to death

Japanese officials say a McDonald's store manager who died of a brain haemorrhage was overworked to death.

About 150 Japanese deaths are attributed to excessive working hours every year.

The labour office says the McDonald's manager was doing more than 20 hours a week overtime when she suffered a brain haemorrhage and died in 2007.

McDonald's declined to comment on the ruling, but the fast food chain was last year ordered to pay $80,000 to another Japanese store manager who worked up to 100 hours of unpaid overtime a month.

In Japan, deaths from overwork are known as "karoshi" and usually come in the form of strokes or heart attacks.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Who knew there was a company listed on the ASX called Planet GAS (PGS).

I thought that was Andy's nickname!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ancients!

Are you sure PlanetGAS isn't Andy's latest attempted fraud?

Let the light shine in said...

Landeryou is singing the praises of Stephen Newnham on Poxnews yet again.

That $50,000 payment to Landeryou must be the best investment Newnham has ever made.

Anonymous said...

Q: How does Landeryou'ss chicken cross the road?

A: In a bucket.

Anonymous said...

Q: How does Landeryou's chicken cross the road?

A: In fat cunt's grotesque gut.

Anonymous said...

Brutus and Co might have gone but I have no doubt that life in prison for Andrew Landeryou will be pretty fucking miserable

Bring Back Cait Catt said...

Where is Cait Catt?

On behalf of all Victorians said...

I will be handing out slices of humble pie at Steve Newnham's Farewell banquet. And I will also tip off the consorting squad about some of the unsavoury individuals likely to be present.

My humble pie is not made from pig offal, but contains certain mystery ingredients...

Let them choke on their lampreys said...

That Banquet sounds like the last page of Animal Farm where the Pigs are trying to turn into People. Fat Chance!

(The lamprey's oval mouth contains concentric rings of sharp teeth, with a bony, rasping long tongue used to bore into its host - a bit like Steve's former relationship with the ALP).

SUCK WITH STEVE: Farewell banquet said...

I hope the Jihadists Andrew brings here occasionally aren't reading Vexnews. Stupidly, Landeryou has given the time and place for Newnham's farewell. He is a total Looney and one of Australia's greatest security threats.

Landy must be studying basic journalism - Who, What, When, Where and How! He's stating to get it! But:

A couple of federal ministers, and a handful of state ministers...

...tick...TICK... B L A M!

Abu Yahya al-Libi said...

Many thanks to Vexnews for this welcome news. Our group al-Shabaab Kebab needs much better intel about opportunities in Australia.

Memo to myself: Send Mr Landeryou a generous retainer. He seems to know everything.

Swine flu said...

Andrew's original idea was to have the Newnham farewell at the Bourke Street KFC Restaurant. He suggested that revellers bring their own fortified wines in Gatorade bottles. Newnham liked the idea so much that he cancelled several recent Landeryou cheques.

What I want to know is whether little Theo will be there. If so, I will take my pruning shears.

Chef Maku Dong Long said...

The menu for the Stephen Newnham farewell banguet has been well and truly scooped here:

* Wonton soup with a mixture of pork and shrimp seasoned with bile.

* Crispy pigs' anuses in a Guangdong sauce with a Lik Mein salad.

* Wok tossed Chrysanthemum Calimari rings with an unexpected Sichuan sausage surprise.

* Bol Ox Meat Balls cooked in a Hunan-style crushed nuts puree.

* Shandong Crap suzette.

* Coffee or Green Tea enema.

That sounds like a farewell I wouldn't attend in a fit!

Osama Bin Aladdin said...

I sorry I won't be able to attend the Steve Newnham farewell banquet because we are under attack here in Maulvi Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadur provinces. I consider Landeryou and Newnham as revolutionary friends. They have created more chaos than a Jihadist army.

By the way, if I was able to attend, I would expect some Saudi dishes and not a menu consisting of dishes from our sudden new friends from China. I still haven't figured what those slopes are up to. Rice is shit.

John Brumby said...

I was going to attend the Newnham farewell until I saw the chinese menu and the cost. Jeez, I'll hafta increase those new rural water charges that no-one is paying. We are going to squish those tax-evading farmers...

Anonymous said...

This is clearly Shirley Landeryou's doing. He obviously hopes some young footballers will come around to the Fat Cave and give him a good seeing-to.

Little does he know that he will have to wait 'till Barwon.

Facebook page supports rape accused
November 1, 2009

MORE than 700 people have joined a Facebook page supporting two local footballers who were charged with raping a girl at Phillip Island last month.

The page, set up just days ago, has been joined by people claiming to be relatives and friends of Montmorency footballers Reuben Mineo, 18, and Trent Cantwell, 18, who have been charged with rape and false imprisonment.

A 17-year-old youth, who cannot be named, has also been charged...

Anonymous said...

11.05 pm Sunday night and Landeryou still hasn't removed the time and place of the Newnham sendoff. It is an open invitation for terrorists, hoons and mischief makers. What an idiot! AFP need to pay him a visit to give a lecture about basic security practices.

I'd rather they visited him pursuing the MUSU and IQ Corp frauds.

But it would be truly terrible if there was an ugly incident thanks to Landeryou's childish enthusiasm for his weird mate Newnham.

Stamp out Amoebas said...

Amoebas are more than just blobs. Landeryou's brain may be a single-celled entity. But it is one devoted to crime, fraud and stalking. It should not be disregarded as ineffectual given his previous criminality and successful frauds.

The Hate Blog Vexnews is a libeller's paradise. Almost anything goes. The most disgraceful lies co-exist with vestiges of normality. But it's still run by an amoeba.

The CSIRO said...

We had never heard of a 500 kilo plus amoeba until now.

Anonymous said...

It is Monday and patriots still don't know: what frock is unhinged obese transvestite crook 'Call me Shirley' Landeryou wearing to the Cup tomorrow

Karin Upton Baker said...

I think the 1000 pound cross-dressing thief should wear tar and feathers.

Libel Mill said...

Another convuluted libel about Glenn Milne on Vexnews today - and Oafmeister Landeryou still hasn't taken down the details of the Newnham Love-in scheduled for the 21st.

Deborah Mutton said...

On the grapevine, I heard Ms Landeryou will be wearing a frock made from diamantes-encrusted pig anuses. His/Her hat is a gauche concoction of monopoly money, KFC wrappers and legal writs.

Worst of all, it is bringing it's own Porta Potty...


Olivia Futon-John said...

I hope that beastly creature won't be allowed onto the course tomorrow. The police showed my security people an arrest photo, and also one of a serial pest called Sgt Sasha. I myself have a good sense of smell which, I'm told, often heralds the arrival of these BO-challenged individuals.

Fraud Squad said...

Landeryou is complaining on his Blog of Sleaze today about theft.

We look forward to him returning all the millions to Solly Lew and Melbourne Uni.

Dame Mullah Meldrum said...

I'm rather fond of pig's bums! But I'm not sure the world is ready for seeing Landeryou in the altogether - once I have munched my way through his gorgeous, tasty frock...

Jennifer Dawkins said...

There's a lot of Landeryou to see.

Chicken & Champagne Breakfast said...

The Age reports: The Hume Freeway north of Melbourne has reopened after a semi-trailer carrying frozen chickens caught fire.

(Suspects seen fleeing the scene were an obese, balding woman and strange bloke dressed in camoflage fatigues)...

The Colonel said...

Shirley is clearly completely out of control when he tries to fry the chooks himself before they reach KFC.

Nurse Nancy said...

"Victorian health authorities have renewed their warnings over links between semi-dried tomatoes and an outbreak of hepatitis..."

They remain silent through on the links between KFC and derangement despite the clear evidence on display at Fat Andy's Blog of Sleaze (AKA Poxnews) every day its creator is sober enough to update it.

Megan Male said...

There is no truth in the rumour that I am another Landeryou-style cross dresser.

Matt of Preston said...

The catering industry has been puzzled by the requests for the Vexnews Melbourne Cup Lunch. Food has been ordered for 1,200 but seating, napery, cutlery and glassware for 1.

William Tell said...

Landy wanted to arrive in style tomorrow in a horse and carriage. But the company told him it would require a Mule Train over a kilometre in length to drag him there. Obviously impossible.

So he is hitching a ride under the Betfair Blimp. Where's my bow and arrow?

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou crime family’s Russian mafia links are well documented. They must be involved here.

Dictator could use Cup for money laundering - expert
By Paul Mulvey, Nov 2 AAP

The Melbourne Cup could become part of an international money laundering scheme if Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov's horse Mourilyan wins the race, an expert in Russian politics says.

Kadyrov has been described as the new Stalin and compared to Saddam Hussein and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il because of the human rights abuses and murders he has allegedly perpetrated in Chechnya.

As the richest man in the former Soviet state, he has 99.9 per cent of the vote, a $1 million watch, a gold-plated gun and a stable of horses based in Dubai.

South African trainer Herman Brown has brought Mourilyan out for Tuesday's Cup and if the highly fancied stayer gets up, the $3.3 million prize money and the gold cup will be headed for Grozny, Chechnya's capital.

``It's a moral dilemma. If Kim Jong-il applies to have a horse run next time, what should we do?'' said Australian National University academic Leonid Petrov.

``Perhaps there should be stricter criteria put forward for applicants.

``Kadyrov is implicated in many nasty things in Chechnya, in Russia and outside the borders of Russia. Personal enemies of Kadyrov die like flies in Russia and also in Dubai.''

Russian security forces last week foiled an assassination attempt on Kadyrov, who thrives on the financial and political backing of the Kremlin.

``Lots of money has been pumped into Chechnya to prop up the regime of Kadyrov,'' Dr Petrov said.

``How much of this money has been used on his horses, we don't know but if the horse wins, the money will be the personal property of Ramzan Kadyrov.

``In that case it will become quite questionable whether the Melbourne Cup is participating in an international money laundering scheme.''

British racing authorities are investigating Kadyrov and will rule in February whether to ban his horses from competing in the country.

If a British ban is enforced, he is likely to be shunned globally.

...breaking news.... said...

An emergency has been declared at Flemington, with Customs and Quantine calling in a biosecurity squad after a large consignment of packages marked Halal Chicken pty ltd was delivered this afternoon.

"An agent who examined the packages declared that the packages contained offal," said Deputy Director Sam Snout "that was definitely not chicken".

Food Standards Australia said...

Landeryou's halal chicken sausages were made from pigs anuses infected with the particularly virulent foot and mouth and arse disease.

Hakki said...

Sorry, I can't attend the Newnham self-aggrandizement festival on the 21st! Chink food makes me chuck, and I might unintentionally headbutt a few suckholes.

Karl from Kororoit said...

I heard that the Ombudsman, several VEC staffers, a handful of Age journos, twenty CFMEU unionists, a dozen Geelong bikers, Glenn Milne and Phil Clearly are among those expected to gatecrash the Newnham jerk circle on November the 21st.

Oh, and there could be quite a few disgruntled voters from round here too!

Jail the Fat Crim said...

The world is waiting and hoping for a massive outbreak of botulism at the Newnham do. Here's hoping that there aren't too many survivors.

Party Poopers said...

Landeryou will be very late, or he might never get through the pack of process servers at the Newnham 'Shake your Booty' party. Process servers who are the only regular readers of Vexnews.

Landeryou is shy about his address. Why?

Anonymous said...

So, Landeryou won't be able to complain about the service at the Dragon Boat Restaurant will he?

Progressive Business said...

Newnham has probably already given Landeryou another $50,000 just to stay away.

The Bird said...

I wonder if there will be any conga lines at the Newnham Suckholes merrymaking bacchanal.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine involved in law enforcement say Newnham has been surveilled handing over a large brown paper bag to Landeryou's former partner in online spivvery Ed Dale who was the bagman for the previous bribe

What if, what if said...

What if Les Twentyman OAM and recent Victorian of the Year just happened to turn up to the Dragon Boat on the 21st?

It was Newnham and Landeryou's dirty tricks that robbed the voters of Kororoit of a devoted, strong representative.

Weight Watchers Australia said...

Didn't the grotesquely obese Landeryou once eat more than $1,000 worth of food at a Labor Party function?

They're going to need a bigger venue said...

The Newnham Farewell Banquet is turning into a Ben Hur event. But I can't see all the revellers getting on. I think there will be bloodletting on a grand scale. I noticed on one site that it said FREE BEER and FREE GIFTS would be distributed to everyone who turns up. Will Steve and Andrew be able to afford to shout twentyfive thousand people - or will they be washing dishes at the Dragon Boat beerbarn for the next thirty years?

This could send them all broke said...

25,000 pots at $3.80 equals $95.000! I bet the hoons will want more too - much more!

On another site they are offering free brothel vouchers for banquet attendees. Offered are the California Club and South Melbourne's 6-star Gotham City and Melbourne Colosseum (which also welcomes women clients).

Free beer and a root! Holy Hell! Half of Melbourne might turn up!!!

Ronin QC said...

On my reading of the Vexnews blog promoting the farewell banquet for State ALP Secretary Newnham, Andrew Landeryou is acting as a de facto guarantor of the event.

A guarantor is one who guarantees an obligation and has a legal duty to fulfill it.

Vexnews's general, enthusiastic invitation to the event is all embracing. My view is that the invitation could mislead and deceive certain elements in society.

I have not seen any of the free offers referred to above, but I discern a distinct possibility of liability should people turn up at the function expecting free beer, gifts and brothel vouchers. If those offers prove false in origin, it is my opinion that Mr Landeryou may still be liable thanks to his paragraph "You are cordially invited to a dinner".

The Evil that men do said...

The Glen Milne libel on Vexnews was particularly pernicious. If quick enough, he can have his process server at the Dragon Boat on the Yarra in time for the Newnham festivities.

SunRRA said...

Many thanks for the invite to the Newnham farewell.

We'd love to be there to personally thank Stephen for taking the time to personally screw us Sunshine taxpayers.

You won't mind if we accidentally urinate in your champers will you, Darls?

Spider Pig said...

The way Rudd is working through past Liberal MPs and giving them all jobs, what next - will he offer Landeryou one as well?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has asked to be either Secretary of the Treasury or Governor of the Reserve Bank.

Matt of Preston said...

My sources in the catering community say that the companies concerned are refusing to supply food for the Vexnews Melbourne Cup Lunch.

Readers of this blog will recall the industry was puzzled to receive orders from a man called Shirley and puzzled further when he asked for food for 1,200 but seating, napery, cutlery and glassware for only 1.

After the deposit cheque bounced but Shirley insisted his aide de camp Sergeant Sasha would be delivering the money when he returned from a trip inside his own head to the Oruzgan Province of Afghanistan the caterers decided enough was enough and withdrew.

What about it, Andy said...

This posting appeared on media and marketing site Mumbrella yesterday. It might be good it fat cunt revealed a few more details of his various commercial relationships -- like who has paid him bribes and who he has stolen from.

Time to regulate paid Aussie blog comment – and to penalise the offenders

In this guest post, Daniel Young of PR agency Burson-Marsteller Australia argues that marketers and bloggers who make undisclosed paid comments should be fined

From December 1, bloggers in North America will be required to disclose ‘important connections’ with advertisers as a result of new guidelines governing ‘endorsements’ and ‘testimonials’.

Daniel Young BMThe Federal Trade Commission guidelines apply to ‘bloggers’, ‘consumers who join word of mouth marketing programs’ and ‘postings by participants in network marketing programs’.

This raises the question: Should bloggers and individuals active in social media in Australia be required to reveal their commercial relationships?

Hard Working and Law Abiding said...

It's after noon but no update has appeared on Fat Andy's Blog of Sleaze.

Fat Boy is clearly still unconscious from his alcoholic excesses of the night before. Or do work-shy unemployed drunken crooked bums now get public holidays off?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hard Working and Law Abiding but you are too kind to Landeryou. Your post should read "Or do work-shy unemployed drunken obese transsexual crooked bums who enjoy high level political protection thanks to blackmail and bribery now get public holidays off?"

Pull the plug on Andy said...

Google own Blogger. The OC is a Blogger site. If we tell Google that it is full of malicious and evil lies, distortions and smears they should shut it down, or so this story suggests.

Only community can clean up YouTube, Google admits

From correspondents in Sydney November 03, 2009

Article from: Australian Associated Press

WEBSITE monitors can't be relied on to police cyber-bullying, YouTube's owner Google said.

Moderators of YouTube can't detect videos posted by cyber-bullies to embarrass their victims, Google's engineering director Alan Noble said.

They have to be told by the victims or their friends or relatives.

"There's a lot of content going up every minute, about 20 hours (of video) every minute," Mr Noble said at the launch of a national campaign against cyber-bullying.

"So we do rely on the community to rein in this bad content."

But once YouTube was told about offensive content, it would remove it, he said.

"Content that's hateful, that humiliates people, that threatens, is against our usage policy and will come down."

Anonymous said...

Shocking has won the Melbourne Cup but all patriots know that Andrew Landeryou has always been a loser

Pastor In Bum Sex Scandal said...

Why would anyone read the sad hate, bile and lies the fat failure dishes out on Poxnews (and infect their computers with spyware and viruses) when they could read entertaining stories like the one you can get by clicking on the name above?

e.e. "bart" cummings said...

Racing industry friends tell me that Landeryou did not show for the Cup today.

Instead he arrived at Fleming as crowds left for the day but before the cleanup got underway.

He was seen wandering from bin to bin eating all the foodscraps and stopping at abandoned picnic sites to finish any leftovers and drink up all the wine.

Hetty Johnston said...

This sounds like a suitable punishment for that fat political paedophile Andrew "I love them Young Liberal or Young Labor" Landeryou:-

Child rapist to be beheaded, crucified
From correspondents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
November 03, 2009 07:43pm

A SAUDI court of cassation upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a 22-year-old man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert, newspapers reported today.

The convict was arrested earlier this year after a seven-year old boy helped police in their investigation.

The child left in the desert after the rape was three years old, Okaz newspaper said.

International rights groups have accused the kingdom, the birthplace of Islam, of applying draconian justice, beheading murderers, rapists and drug traffickers in public.

So far this year about 40 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, crucifixion means tying the body of the convict to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after beheading.

Emirates said...

Aren't they such lovely people?

The weirdly robed individuals gazing down on the F1 racetrack looked like a Timewarp that had gone badly wrong. Pre-historic nomadic kings and today's ultramodern racing engines - and then the crucifixion twist.

W E I R D !

Anonymous said...

I hope none of the Emirates air hostesses at the Melbourne Cup have been beheaded for not grinning enough.

Jeez, this is becoming one hell of a wacky world!

Dr Doolittle said...

Landeryou weighs more than twice this. Perhaps the specialists simply would not bother to treat him.

Obese man dies after refusing zoo X-ray
Posted 7 hours 24 minutes ago

A German man weighing 230 kilograms has died after refusing to go to the zoo for an X-ray because he was too heavy for machines designed for humans, The Daily Bild has reported.

"It sounded like they were trying to wind us up," Thomas Lessmann's widow Petra told the paper.

Complaining he was feeling ill and frequently losing consciousness, the 51-year-old went to a clinic in Eppendorf, near Hamburg in northern Germany, which referred him to the nearby Hagenbeck Zoo.

His pride wounded, he refused to go and died 13 days afterwards, the paper said.

The cause of death was unclear.

A spokeswoman for the clinic said that Mr Lessmann was entitled to the same treatment as anyone else but added, "The upper weight limit for machines in human medicine is around 200 kilograms."


Anonymous said...

Fat Andrew is a cross-dresser too but you would never find him in a gym

Cross dressing widower uses wife's gym ID

A man who wore women's clothing to use his dead wife's gym membership has appeared in a Hong Kong court.

Lau Siu-wah, 51, was charged after he allegedly used his wife's identification card to exercise in the female-only section of the gym at the city's Sheraton hotel, The Standard daily reported on Tuesday (local time).

But the man's looks aroused suspicion and police were called, the report said, adding that Lau was quickly arrested.

The paper said Lau admitted to police that he used the card to impersonate his wife, who died in 2007.

Lau, who appeared in court Monday in women's clothes and wearing red nail polish, was granted bail on a charge that he used an identity card relating to another person, the paper said.

The case was adjourned until later this month.

Shocking said...

e.e. "bart" cummings only told part of the story about El Gordo at the Cup yesterday.

Yes, he was going through the bins and eating all the leftovers he could find and drinking all the wine and beer, but El Gordo is so fat and got so drunk he tired quickly.

So he had an idea. He made his retarded and insane gofer Sasha Uzunov AKA Sgt Sasha go and mug a staff member from Hygienic Cleanup Services, don their uniform, steal their semi trailer, load it up with leftover food and booze and drive it back to the Fat Cave.

El Gordo was so pleased he made the drooling retard Sergeant Sasha do three more runs.

Anonymous said...

I saw the headline below earlier today:

"Qld: Woman accused of biting baby fronts court"

I gather that Landeryou has eaten several children (some whole) but has never faced prosecution thanks to the high level of political protection he enjoys.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I think I have just realized that may be, Andrew's chicken halal sausages, which he substituted with pork, were meant to be smoked (like a cigarette) rather than eaten,

Anonymous said...

Obese cross dressing fraud and thief Andrew Landeryou boasts on his Blog of Sleaze today of the money he won gambling on the Melbourne Cup.

The booze soaked 1200 pound failure has refused to say if he will declare these funds to his Trustees in Bankruptcy, or offer them as restitution to the individuals and bodies corporate he stole from and defrauded.

Fagin Landeryou said...

Landeryou was at The Cup running his imported mob of Rumanian pick-pockets and ATM scammers.

All his 'winnings' have thus been freshly laundered using stolen winning tickets for 'Shocking'.

Yesterday he was "Fiddler on the Turf"!

Cronulla Shark said...

Free beer and a root! Yeehah!

Our team, several other NRL teams, notable AFL players and some amateur teams from outer Melbourne, will certainly be attending the Newnham Farewell Banquet on the 21st at the Dragon Boat. We will probably thump a few Federal Ministers as we collect our brothel vouchers - just because they are wankers and were in the wrong place at the wrong time! If any of their wives are there, I am predicting several prolonged "Scrum Downs".

Senator Conboy, if there, will be used for goal-kicking practice for trying to deny access to extreme pornography by ordinary, everyday, high-profile sportsmen like us.

It could be quite a night. Thanks for the invite Vexnews!

little Theo said...


You should observe Rita's curfew and send an apology for the Newnham sendoff. I know the free brothel vouchers are nearly impossible to resist (me too) but if you come home smelling of poontang, you know what will happen! I always end up getting the worst of it. Rita is a heavy hitter these days.

And, don't forget, given the earlier post, we might get accidentally gang raped by the randy Cronulla Sharks. Theo, I'm puckering big time! I'm a big boy. But not that big!

I think on the night of the 21st you should pour a few intimate clarets for Rita, and let's see what happens.

Lillian Frank said...

It's Ladies Day, patriots!

Landeryou will be trackside in a gorgeous frock - picking pockets (if he's not too drunk).

Anonymous said...

How long do patriots reckon Cunty will get for putting poor little Ronnie in the deep ft fryer?

Woman who stabbed dog sent to jail
Nov 5 AAP

A woman who stabbed her former lover's bull terrier 23 times has been sentenced to three years' jail.

Bianca Farrar, 31, of Hampton East, sobbed uncontrollably as Judge Jane Patrick handed down the sentence in the Victorian County Court on Thursday…

Joe Pulitzer said...

The painful Vexnews libel today of the Blogger here is unprecedented in its multi-levels of hate and bile. Of course, there are many irrelevancies, including something to do with computer games played online. But the references to professional competence are plainly defamatory.

Landeryou on the other hand has no visible means of support, and is apparently not employed. It is useless to bag his professionalism as it does not exist.

His libellous blog is, however, notable for tortured grammar, literals and poor structure. Parts of it are incomprehensible.

Ronin QC said...

The Landeryou libel published today is grossly defamatory. It is of such a vile nature that, in the past, it would have led to a public whipping from the victim.

Landeryou needs to wake up to himself!

Judge Roy Bean said...

Hang him high, Boys!

Sex Lazry QC said...

If Landeryou takes junior lawyer and tedious blogger Jeremy Sear seriously he is clearly far, far, far madder than anyone ever imagined or far, far, far drunker (or both)!

Albert and Thomas Pierrepoint said...

We'll do the job pro bono publico.

But, we think we will need a much thicker rope!

Peter Far-Out QC said...

If Jeremy Sear takes bush lawyer and tedious blogger Landeryou seriously he is clearly far, far, far madder than anyone ever imagined or far, far, far drunker (or both)!

An Onymous Patriot said...

Walter Jeremy Sear's blog is trite, predictable, juvenile crap. The fact that people like him who are full of opinions but have no experience to base them on have taken over Crikey is why no one reads it any more. That said though a silly young lawyer with time on his hands who considers himself a crusader might just be the right person to take down Landeryou. The big boys and girls can't be bothered. It is not worth the pain.

Walter has been defamed. There is no doubt about that. The issue is whether or not he will just blub on his blogs or actually do something. If he can track Landeryou down to his Fat Cave, pull him into court, establish if he is bankrupt or not, find out where he gets his living from as he has no visible means of support and win a damages award, then Walter might find he has also won respect and credibility.

Tweety Bird said...

There was a case in the UK last month where a summons was delivered via Twitter. If it is OK in the jurisdiction that gave Australia its legal framework then it should be OK here. Buddha Boy is an attention seeker and being the first slimy critter summonsed out from under his rock by Twitter will give him plenty of attention. Roll on the defamation trial. Buddha Boy will not be able to help himself and will say something dumb so will also be done for contempt after he has been done for defamation.

Anonymous said...

Two patients in a secure psychiatric facility in Melbourne killed and a third in custody? Does this mean no more Sasha Uzunov stories?

Baz said...

A friend of mine had a weird encounter with Sasha Uzunov when she was working as a school teacher a few years ago.

The school wanted to get a motivational speaker in to talk to the kids. They did a bit of Googling and found the Sarge, who describes himself as a motivational speaker after his battle again problem weight. They did not have much money to spend and were delighted to find someone who would come cheap.

On the day of his address Uzunov arrived at the school wearing surplus store camo and a single army boot on his head. He also had Christmas tree baubles danging from his ears. When the head teacher asked his why he replied "I'm a decorated veteran." The head thought comedy must be part of Uzunov's act, so let him continue as planned. Big mistake.

Uzunov began "One upon I time I was really really fat, not as fat as my friend Landeryou but still really really fat, so I paid the man next door to solder me up inside a big metal box and leave me there for 100 days. The box had two holes on the top, one for air and one for water and one on the bottom for the wee-wees to run out."

He then began hopping around the classroom humming loudly and repeating "Ni! Ni! Ni! Ftum! Ftum! Ftumsch!" It became clear that this was insanity, not comedy. The children were removed and an emergency mental health crisis team summonsed.

My friend says an official Education Department inquiry into the matter was convened but that the head teacher and all the teachers invovled in the decision to invite Uzunov to the school resigned before it could sit.

Knock, knockin on Barwon's gate said...

I checked out the Sear Smear on Vexnews tonight. My comment was blocked instantly. What the hell is the point of running a blog which constantly censors comments unpopular with the blogger? It creates a false, fake world in which only 'approved' comments exist.

Landeryou's 'Jeremy Sear' blog, notwithstanding, is a disgusting, defamatory libel. Mr Sear should pursue even a penny judgement, although all the evidence suggests that Landeryou has cash funds hidden somewhere.

Mr Sear should brief a libel specialist who will dismember landeryou publicly, rather than to tackle amnesiac Landeryou mano e mano. A Sear vs. Landeryou courtroom scene, while entertaining, might not yield the concrete results Mr Sear and us might desire.

A canny SC or QC would unravel the MUSU and IQ Corp fraudulent scandals while exploring this libel. They are all part and parcel of Mr Landeryou's flagrant lawlessness and criminality.

A possible outcome could be media coverage of Landeryou's political patronage, and the disgraceful malfeasance of VicPol and Opp which have not followed up MUSU Liquidator Dean McVeigh's recommendation to pursue that particularly anti-social fraud.

If Sol Lew has now withdrawn his many claims on various Landeryous for the IQ Corp fraud, this is not available on the public record so far as I can find. If not, why haven't official proceedings issued?

While Landeryou remains unprosecuted for his frauds, a simple message to all Victorians is sent - fraud is OK providing your Dad is an ALP patriarch.

To ordinary Aussies, Landeryou, you are extraordinarily verminous filth - a fraudulent crook, hate libeller and stalker.

Anonymous said...

No mentions of Sol Lew on El Gordo's blog of hate since Bent Bill's bankruptcy. Add "spineless" and "coward" to list of Buddha Boy's attributes.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Solly has been sniffing around Landerfat's back end again. Landerfat stole a few million dollars from him after all.

Take Landeryou down said...

Idiot whining child Walter Jeremy Sear decided it was better to encourage Landeryou by responding his his vile attack rather than ignoring - or suing - him. What a feeble fuckwit! What moron! This is what his sub-Diary of Adrian Mole blog has to say about Landeryou's lies.

More than a little disturbing
6 November, 2009 · 23 Comments

Just out of interest, what would a person writing a blog on the opposing political side to you have to write or say, for you to devote time and effort to trying to intimidate or harm them by making up shamelessly outrageous lies about them and their professional and private lives?

My answer is nothing. I’ll argue vigorously with an opponent on an issue, but I don’t see the need to try to cause them actual damage to their non-political lives. I don’t see why you’d even want to.

I’d hope I’m not in a minority on this.

NOTE FOR THE COMMENTS: I will not be publishing links to specific examples of the kind of disturbing conduct I describe.

Anonymous said...

"Sport betting crackdown" the front page of the Age screams today. Does this mean the authorities are finally going after Cunty for his spivvery scams?

Vexnews Insider said...

I hear that the Sergeant has photos of Landeryou sitting on his specially reinforced toilet naked save for the wig and makeup he wears while pretending to be Shirley with a Family Feast tub of KFC in one hand and a bottle of $5 Aldi sherry in the other

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph today tells how John Singleton is helping thugby league pack rapist Matthew Johns. Where does friend of football rapists Landeryou fit into the story?

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I have decided that I can no longer eat sausages. Hope you are satisfied Andrew.

Pat the Pat-riot said...

I now suffer from that disability too thanks to Andrew, Mrs Idris. Shall we contact Slater & Gordon about a class action?

Bertrand Russell said...

Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim. Mr Landeryou, in my opinion, is rather successful at doing so.

In the Jeremy Sear Libel, Mr Landeryou's annotations to a list of complaints sent him by Mr Sear are generalisations rather than being self evident truths as claimed by Mr Landeryou. Here are two examples of several:

2.That I “can’t make it work in the real world”. [VEXNEWS: Self-evidently true]

10.That a client would “certainly be crazy to entrust his future” to me. [VEXNEWS: Self-evidently true]

Self-evidence breaks down as a solution to the Problem of First Principles because there is no way to resolve disputes about whether something is self-evident or not. The domain of the self-evident is drastically reduced by Hume and Kant. Hume also sharpens the Problem of Induction by noting that no generalizations whatsoever are logically justified. Kant proposes a different solution to the Problem of First Principles: synthetic a priori propositions are first principles of demonstration but are not self-evident.

Friedrich Nietzsche said...

I think Landeryou's problem is mental and physical self-abuse in the masturbatory sense, rather than any grip on logic or when things are actually self evident or not.

But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful!

Andrew Landeryou is a cruel libeller, sneak, stalker, criminal and, eventually, Ausralia's biggest dummkopf!

Bertrand Russell said...

It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. I had a quick flip through Vexnews and didn't find one iota of rationality.

Vexnews is simply a hate blog run by an illogical nazi extremist!

Joe Pulitzer said...

My fave quote of Bertie Russell's is this one which summarises Vexnews and Landeryou rather well:

"A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand".

Nameless from Barwon said...

We too have sworn off eating prison sausages. A fellow prisoner, who is a cook, said the private contractors running the prisons were cutting costs by buying huge amounts of Halal Chicken sausages, the actual contents of which are well known to readers here.

What does copyright mean said...

That doctored and stolen pic on Vexnews seems to show am image of the PM and Julia Gillard cooking Halal Chicken slices. That is enough for a state treason trial for Landeryou.

Landeryou has photo-shopped the Chefs' hats and put a speech balloon into the photo. But questions remain. Is his Photo Shop software properly licensed and did he pay the royalties for using this copyright image? Does he have permission to digitally alter the photo? And where did the cash come from?

Landeryou is an appalling crook who steals anything and everything, and who cannot conceive what copyright means

Alcoholics Anonymous said...

MELBOURNE’S firefighters should be paid extra for turning up to work sober, according to a log of claims by their union.

The Victorian branch of the United Firefighters Union is also calling for a “global warming allowance” for the city’s 1600 firefighters, “in recognition of the increased work and risk to firefighters as a result of global warming”..

This should apply to bloggers.

Anonymous said...

That's not the PM with Julia Gillard in the photoshopped mess on the fat thief's page. It is Laurie Ferguson. Fat thief's illustrations are as messy as his "journalism".

Concerned said...

Slothful drunken bum Landeryou updated his Blog of Sleaze on a Sunday! This is a first! He must have still been so pissed when he picked himself up off the floor that he thought it was Monday.

Get REAL advertising said...

Anonymous (Sunday, November 08, 2009 1:56:00 PM) I'm sure you are right - but the person looks a lot like Rabbi Rudd!

Vexnews these days is carrying more advertising than FOXTEL. I can tell Landeryou, however, not to hold his breath while click-throughs accumulate. After three years, he might be able to afford a single KFC Family Feast. The insurance industry which has infested television advertising recently seems to have avoided Vexnews. Maybe, just maybe, they are smarter than I imagined.

Tom the Truckie said...

The fake comments on the libellous Vexnews Jeremy Sear blog have dried up and remained at a standstill (22) for days.

Landeryou is not God. He is not omnipresent. He can't be everywhere at once. As usual he has left an obvious hole in his Hate Blog you could drive a Kenworth Truck through!

Dansk Vexnews Appreciation Club said...

Nearly everyone in Denmark with internet access is utterly fascinated by Vexnews. Worldwide, it is the only Blog we can find run by a real criminal who enjoys politicial patronage and who regularly publishes lies and libels, and actually stalks his victims. We arranged an exploratory tour to Melbourne to see the Les Twentyman home as identified by Landeryou on his previous OC Blog. While there, none of us could see the giant painting of Les Twentyman that Landeryou kept on mentioning.

If he was here in Denmark, he would already be in jail.

Several Danes are setting up Vexnews-watching sites because this is the weirdest stuff we have ever seen.

-Arne Ragnussen

Let Freedom Ring said...

As patriots today celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we also look forward to the wall of corruption, crime and lies that shelters Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Landeryou also attended Sydney University-

University students' 'pro-rape' page on Facebook
November 9, 2009

A GROUP of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.

The students, mostly from an elite, all-male college, initially ensured the ''Define Statutory'' group had an open and public profile, and proudly displayed their membership on their personal Facebook pages.

The commander of the NSW Police sex crimes unit and the head of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre condemned the site, describing it as ''grooming perpetrators of sexual violence''.

Defamation Specialist said...

Landeryou's HSU/Frankston Hospital blog is so full of libels and misleading information that it could tie up a large legal firm for years. But at the least the most picked on person gave an up-to-date assessment of the girth of Vexnews's one and only reporter:

"When confronted on Sunday with allegations of vote rorting by VEXNEWS, Lindsey Read was none too pleased, initially threatening our reporter’s safety, attempting to smash our camera, literally spitting venom and profanity in an ugly display that could see the fifty-one year old supplies tsar crowned “Miss Scrubber (Frankston region) of 2009″.

"Read admitted running the fake ballot box, saying she was perfectly entitled to “collect all the votes and tickets she wanted” and that “it was none of your f*ckin’ business what I do in my hospital, you fat c*nt.”

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is using the "royal we" yet again to reflect the fact that he weighs as much as half a dozen healthy men of his age and height.

It is also interesting that he uses the "royal we" when he gives everyone the shits royally.

Security Advisor to the Stars said...

Landy usually does all his reporting from the comfort of his armchair. Ms Read must have had one hell of a shock when confronted by a pudgy, creepy, smelly weirdo claiming to be a reporter for Vexnews. She should have demanded to see his Press ID or called the coppers!

Security Advisor to the Community said...

Shouldn't that read "pudgy, creepy, smelly weirdo dressed as a woman"?

Sunday Herald-Sun copyboy said...

What Press ID? Landeryou is a fraudulent shonk who is not on the electoral roll and is without visible means of support. Over his head hang very serious criminal allegations...

Lindsey Read should have made an immediate citizen's arrest, and locked Landeryou up in the psychiatric wing.

Hospital Stalker said...

Landeryou WAS reporting from his favourite armchair during this feeble drama! It had been fixed on the back of a truck driven by 'One Man Media Army' Sgt Sasha Uzunov who backed the truck up to the front entrance of the hospital. It was from this vantage point using a telephoto lens that the photo of the ballot box was taken. The sarge sat gunning the motor in case the whole hospital staff turned on them, which would have required a quick getaway.

I Kea said...

You mean there is an armchair that can support the 550 kilogram Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

I heard El Gordo was getting closer to the 600 kilo mark after hoovering up so much food left at Flemington during the spring racing carnival.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Patriots may be aware of the massive Euclid dump trucks that are used in open cut mines and similar situations that can take loads of over 100 tons.

It is our understanding that Landeryou ordered the Sergeant to steal one of these and drive it to a secret location in Melbourne where the tipper was removed and an armchair made with specially crafted carbon fibre and titanium springs capable of supporting the transvestite thief's enormous weight was installed.

The Sergeant chauffeured Landeryou down to the Frankston Hospital in this contraption yesterday for his stalking and intimidation activities.

It is our understanding that Ms Read (along with all the other medical staff) was so distressed to see Landeryou there because his massive bulk prevented ambulances and other emergency patients from approaching the hospital and blocked all access for deliveries of urgently needed medical supplies.

It is also our understanding that Landeryou took advantage of his being on hospital premises to steal more than 100 enema kits.

King of the Road said...

The law-abiding may be interested in some more details of Landeryou's truck that were published on a road transport industry blog. The 'Landeryou Lugger' as it is known is equipped with a special beverage holder that can fit a 40 litre catering cask. It has also been fitted out with similar holders for Family Feast Tubs of KFC. The Landeryou Lugger has room to carry 12 of these mega-meals all within easy reach of the obese and deranged transsexual criminal.

Anita Mann said...

Andrew Landeryou not only dresses as a woman. He dresses as a woman and wants to have sex with younger men.

That is the conclusion that is being drawn after the infamous Melbourne weirdo posted a link to an article from the downmarket London Sun that asks "Are you a sexy 'Cougar'".

Landeryou's stalking activities have been the subject of legal action. He is well known for the unwarrented attention he pays to university students and Young Liberal and Young Labor types.

The sexual dimension to these activities however has never been so explicit until now.

The full article follows below.

Are you a sexy 'Cougar'?

SOARING numbers of mature Brit women dubbed Cougars are on the prowl for toyboy lovers, a survey has revealed.

About 35 per cent of single females in their 40s, 50s and 60s are hunting for a fella at least five years younger.

The figure was only eight per cent five years ago. And most Cougars - a term coined on American TV and websites - have no trouble finding suitable "prey" to date.

About 21 per cent of men in their 20s and 30s say they would date an older woman - compared with eight per cent five years ago.

British celeb Cougars include artist Sam Taylor-Wood, who directed new John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy.

Sam, 42, is engaged to the movie's leading man Aaron Johnson, 19.

New Tricks TV star Amanda Redman, 52, is in a relationship with designer Damian Schnabel, 12 years her junior.

And the fifth husband of British actress Joan Collins, 76, is production technician Percy Gibson, 44.

American star Cougars who helped start the trend include Demi Moore, 46, who married actor Ashton Kutcher, 31, in 2005.

Madonna, 51, wed 41-year-old Brit movie maker Guy Ritchie in 2000 but the marriage ended last year.

Psychiatrist Dr Victoria Lukats said: "Dating a much younger man has now become mainstream.

"This may be down to celebrity age-gap relationships or internet dating, where people can be more flexible."

The survey of 4,500 British singles by online dating service Parship showed four out of ten Cougars are seeking a lifelong partner and 44 per cent want a steady romance.

Another 13 per cent are looking for a new start after a break-up.

The Apprentice said...

I work at the garage where the Landeryou Lugger is parked and serviced. But we call it 'The Septic Tank'. I'm surprised that readers of this blog have not realised the waste management implications. The special reinforced armchair is in fact a commode. This connects through steel pipes to the septic tank.

I am the junior apprentice here. Guess who gets to clean out the septic tank? Mr Landeryou says I better watch it. "The EPA Stasi will find out sooner or later that you are dumping effluent in the Yarra" which I thought was a really unhelpful thing to say. The septic tank reveals some of of his more unsavoury habits. I have never heard of KFC wrappers and refreshment towels being used in this way.

Choo Choo said...

Landeryou loves to write a provocative piece and then egg on comments by placing a few of his own. Usually there are giveaway clues like bad spelling and references to weird things:

"Lindsey please do NOT txt me under any circumstances as your uglier than one of Napthine’s dairy cows. I WILL NOT be driving you home ever".

Posted by RDR | November 9, 2009, 14:58

I do hope that some of our professional people here can explain this apparently wacky behaviour - why Landeryou writes fake comments that distort and divert his own blog?

Sigmund Freud said...

Since my last investigation of Landeryou when I declared him a lunatic, I see that things have dramatically deteriorated since then.

He has embraced feminity, and persists with his delusional role as a journalist.

The fact is that he in exile from reality. Noone knows where he lives. He uses dozens of imaginary characters to interact with real life.

It is not the "Three Faces of Eve" but rather "The Thousand Faces of Dr Mabuse".

Lock him up soon!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou clearly suffers from some strange, strange sexual malady.

First he starts a Facebook page defending and advocating pack rape and now the "cougar" business.

I call it sick.

Dung Beetle said...

After reading the comment by the apprentice who services the Landeryou Septic Tank, I was tempted to move there.

I used to reside in the sewers under 104 Exhiition Street, the Liberal Party HQ. But there was too much diarrhea. I did try Labor HQ later, but there was constipation there. Those folks are too lazy to take a dump. The sewer under Landeryou's place brought a cornucopia of KFC products but a bit too much bile.

The reason I have decided against The Septic Tank is that Landeryou uses it infrequently. He rarely ventures out to personally check tips suggested by increasingly suspect whistle-blowers.

I think I'll have to move to the private sector. I bet those CEOs, directors and board members on million dollar salaries don't eat spring rolls for lunch. Qantas HQ might be a good starting point...

Crippled Superannuant said...

Government exposure of pensioners' and superannuants' assets to shonky Wealth consultants (including banks and super companies) was criminally negligent given the world financial crash. This was pensioners' and superannuants' funds wagered against dirty debts sold by American crooks.

Landeryou must be cussin that he didn't see the golden wonderland in time to make a few million.

Very few of the corporate crooks have faced court. Many of them continue to profit mightily.

They should all be in jail!

The OZ government bailed out everyone except the people it betrayed.

Carl Jung said...

Dear Dr Freud, it is not the "Three Faces of Eve" nor "The Thousand Faces of Dr Mabuse" but rather "The Thousand Kilos of Shirley Landeryou".

Madame Therese Defarge said...

I love knitting in bed at home while I watch ABC-TVs Lateline Business. Every night I see errant millionaire CEOs and other corporate crooks trying to explain away their multifarious corporate crimes. What incredible crooks!

When the revolution comes, these people will be first on the tumbrils! I look forward to seeing these useless, obscenely overpaid, white-collar criminals beheaded in public.

Why aren't any of them in jail yet?

Consumer sentiment said...

Yep, far too many corporate crooks in Oz.

These are nasty people who worship their millions of dollar salaries while ordinary Aussies swelter in a new world where multi-million dollar properties, which the crooks can easily afford, place home ownership far beyond the reach of ordinary wage-earners.

The multi-millionaire white collar crooks are just a huge extension of the Landeryou fraud model.

Politicians just look the other way. You pathetic twits!

Immolation said...

I have a photo of the firefighting units available at the Avalon Airport near Geelong. These are outdated 1970s tenders. I concluded, during a recent airshow, that the firefighters were of a very high standard. But their equipment is outdated, and Jetstar knowing this shocking situation is skating on thin ice. I think crash-victims at Avalon would be fried.

Can anyone tell me how to upload my photo? I will have to hide my face.

This could be a national scoop!

Anonymous said...

JetStar pilots have a hidden blog that show the many challenges they face at Avalon. Can you find it?

Concerned said...

Landeryou has a hidden blog dedicated to explaining the finer points of cross-dressing and the challenges he faces as a 1200 pound transvestite. He has a second hidden blog devoted entirely to his White Power activities.

Anonymous said...

I hear there is another blog El Gordo runs on behalf of the League of Rights and a further site he also does for the Citizens Electoral Committee lot

Landeryou is crooked, fat and mad said...

Patriots should start a series "People almost as mad as Landeryou". Here is a report on a prospective starter.

Man appeals $430 billion Bon Jovi lawsuit

A Massachusetts man is pursuing a $400 billion ($430 billion) lawsuit against Bon Jovi, Time Warner and Major League Baseball, among others.

Last year, Samuel Bartley Steele filed a lawsuit against the defendants for allegedly ripping off his ode to the Boston Red Sox entitled (Man I Really) Love This Team.

According to the complaint, the song was released in October 2004 and performed by the Bart Steele Band.

Mr Steele says he handed out copies to Red Sox executives, sent copies of the song to players, performed it live on local television and sent it to MLB with the idea for a "country" song that would market baseball.

During the 2007 play-offs, Bon Jovi released a song, I Love This Town, that was used by MLB to promote baseball on Time Warner's TBS cable station.

Mr Steele claimed that frontman Jon Bon Jovi either heard the song when he was campaigning for John Kerry in Boston in 2004 or that some executive passed it along to him.

A district judge ruled that no reasonable jury could conclude there was substantial similarity between the songs and dismissed the claim.

But Red Sox fans don't give up very easily. Mr Steele has now taken his $US400 billion claim to an appeals court.

Anonymous said...

How about People Almost As Fat As Landeryou? I can't think of anyone. Queen Salote of Tonga was famous for weighing as much as a dozen buffalo, but compared to Queen Shirley of the Melbourne Remand Centre she was a skinny-ribs.

Frogger said...

El Gordo should be in one for a variety of reasons.

People in mental health crisis locked in police cells: report

MELBOURNE, Nov 11 - Hundreds of people in mental health crisis are being locked in Victoria Police cells and transported in divisional vans, an independent report has revealed…

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