Sunday, October 25, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Fat Cave

Team Slanderyou has obtained an exclusive picture of the resident of the Vexnews fat cave.

The resident wanted to remain anonymous. Our photo journalist was requested to photograph him/her/it wearing funny glasses and moustache so as to obscure their identity. Right click into a new window/tab to view the picture in full.

Patriots may wish to guess the identity of the resident.

The photograph reveals a horrifying medical experiment in progress. The fat cave resident is trying valiantly, it must be said, to become the fastest person on the planet.

Team Slanderyou is taking a sabbatical through November, and will return in early December. TS may Twitter occasionally, so please view our Tweets.

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Ancients of Mu Mu said...

No mention of Vexnews? Why?

Australian environment ministers agreed to the National Waste Policy at the 20th meeting of the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC) in Perth on November 5th 2009. The National Waste Policy sets the agenda for waste and resource recovery in Australia over the next 10 years.
The National Waste Policy sets directions in six key areas: taking responsibility, improving the market, pursuing sustainability, reducing hazard and risk, tailoring solutions, and providing the evidence. The policy identifies 16 priority strategies that would benefit from a national or coordinated approach.

Phil Clearly said...

Landeryou continues his expose of HSU voting practices. His headline includes these words "election tainted by massive electoral fraud" which is a bit rich coming from a person who interferred relentlessly during the Kororoit election.

He stalked a prominent candidate whom he maligned daily for a month. He misled and deceived Kororoit voters with bizarre 'shooting rooms' lies.

What a repulsive, anti-democratic Nazi asshole!

What a Nutter said...

Didn't the fat fraud end up with an AVO? Even army clerk and hero, Sgt 'Happy Snaps' Sasha got a ticking off from VicPol.

Vexnews and the OC have one set of rules for Landeryou - and another set for the rest of us.

The signature of a genuine sociopath!

Anne Frank said...

I wish that Vexnews had a hard and fast policy on censorship. Sometimes my small voice is heard in that godforsaken site. More often, I write my humble opinion, only to see it humiliatingly blocked. Very rarely do I make personal comments about Mr Landeryou.

This vacillation could be seen, by a supreme optimist, as an inside struggle by Mr Landeryou. He turns his blocking macros on and off according to his mad whims.

Vexnews purports to be a genuine blog. But in reality it is a sanitised version of how Mr Landeryou views his world.

The Landeryou worldview of crime, hatred and libel is sickening.

I just wish he would freaking Shad Up!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

My advice to all you ineffectual leftist scum is to eat more Halal Chicken (pig anuses)!

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson! You always hit them where it hurts.

Source bottled said...

Landeryou quoted both "a Royal Melbourne Hospital employee" and "a long term union employee appalled at the situation" in a "report" on the Health Services Union election yesterday.

Amazingly, going by the quotes, the two could be the one and the same. Indeed, all of the "sources" and "insiders" that are quoted in Poxnews have an indentical tone.

The fat transvestite thief is not even jotting down what the voices in his head say.

His "sources" and "insiders" are very poor quality fiction.

Anonymous said...

Of course Landeryou invents his quotes. He has to because he invents all his stories.

Fat Farm said...

Madman Landeryou had a piece that somehow concluded that because Amanda Vanstone has been interviewed by the AFP for granting a visa to a crook who gave donations to the Liberal Party, Ted Bailleu was corrupt.

He has a crush on Vanstone because just like him she is incompetent, morbidly obese and widely despised.

Fraud Sqaud said...

Andrew Landeryou making accusations of corruption? We have but three words in response:

1. Pot

2. Kettle

3. Black

MasterChef Australia said...

Readers of The Australian may have seen an introduction to a story today that read "Restaurateur tells court she gained 57kg in the wake of her business's 'overnight' collapse."

Buddha Boy can't use that excuse because he was already disgustingly fat when IQ Corp went down the gurgler and when MUSA collapsed thanks to his incompetence and criminality.

Anonymous said...

There are photos of Cabinet Ministers at the Shrine for Rememberance Day taken by Sargeant Sascha up on Poxnews. In other words a dangerous madman with military training is stalking VIPs. The police should be aware of the danger loopy Sargeant Sascha poses. He has been taught how to use guns despite being clinically insane thanks to the slackness of army bureacrats. The police have already had to caution him for his antics. His associates include a known criminal. They should act and arrest Uzunov when he appears at these sorts of functions.

An Onymous Patriot said...

Backward child Jeremy Sear has taken no action against Landeryou for his gross defamtion other than send him a jolly cross email that the fat crook mocked.

What a gutless, useless, limp, short dick!

Pig's Anus said...

The 'One Man Media Army' Sgt Sasha needs a new camera or better lenses. His photos are like the text on Vexnews - distorted. The Shrine non-story attracted four comments. Three-quarters of them are fake, bearing unmistakeable clues that Landeryou is the libellous author:

4 comments for “LIMOUSINE LIBERALS: On stinking hot Remembrance Day, big wigs looked for their chauffeurs while the heroes took the tram”

Andy you dickhead, I’d rather have them back at work in their offices as quickly as possible rather than languishing on a tram in the middle of a working Wednesday. You’re a goose.

Posted by Fair crack | November 12, 2009, 16:51

Im queer

Posted by Kane Afford | November 12, 2009, 16:59

so am I

Posted by Dean Mighell | November 12, 2009, 17:19

Dean and Kane, perhaps you can give me a call xox

Posted by Pissy Chryne | November 12, 2009, 18:28

Your cheque is in the mail Sasha said...

Surely, this is a First for Vexnews. A real attribution! Amazing:

"Photographs courtesy of Sasha Uzunov".

Landeryou normally borrows or steals images and photographs.

The future of newspapers said...

According to The Age: Former British home secretary David Blunkett says there was no substitute for real journalism, adding bloggers and the like were amateurs and not accountable to their audiences.

The traditional media should offer people "something better than you can get than relying on ... amateur journalists", Mr Blunkett said.

Landeryou is a real HAM!

Well out of his depth said...

Online piracy blogsite Vexnews and information anarchist Landeryou prove that, in the wrong hands, amateur journalists are dangerous to themselves and others. His weekend visit to Frankston hospital could well have led to violence (Landeryou's regular libels would get get him biffed if his address was known).

That postal address is of course legally required for a site purporting to be a news source.

But Landeryou is an internet outlaw who scorns the law and who libels ordinary Australians and interferes in a wide range of electoral and political issues.

Anonymous said...

Fugitive Mexican druglord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman looks a helluva lot like Sgt Sasha (see The Age). Who is who?

Fly Buys said...

I am saving up to buy Landeryou an air ticket to China where, the Age reports, "Dozens of China's increasingly assertive journalists have been beaten, detained or sued over the past two years, a new report says".

Chinese journo-thumpers would be unable to distinguish between REAL Australian journalists and frauds like Landeryou. I don't know what 'Fat C*nt' is, in Chinese, but I guess that is what they might well be saying about the Vexnews Editor-in-Chief!

The Age says: "Of the 33 cases mentioned, almost all involved journalists being beaten - including one in central Hunan province where a magazine photographer was attacked at a demolition site, blogged about it, returned days later and was beaten again".

My air ticket for Landeryou, of course, does not include a return flight.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing Landeryou screaming in Tiananmen Square being chased by a tank, angry pork and chicken farmers, journo-thumpers, Chinese supporters of Les Twentyman OAM and Victorian of the Year...

Anonymous said...

Vexnews pronounced The Age dead in 2007. It is still going strong.

His obituaries and other 'stories' are fantasies.

Bob Saget said...

Andrew, what is you Bob Saget problem?

Catherine Deveny said...

Who is Andrew Landeryou anyway?

Click here for a laugh said...

Loopy, loopy Sergeant Sasha Uzunov has a film out (or up on YouTube, anyway)! It is called "Timor Tour of Duty" and has a website (or a free Blogger blogspot) all of its own.

I have not watched it (life is too short to waste on the insane) but the drooling madman Sarge probably filmed it in a sandpit by moving toy soldiers around while making machine gun noises.

One of the loopiest things about it is that it is narrated by one Hugo Kelly who was press secretary to deputy prime minister Brian Howe for all of three-quarters-of-an-hour in the early 1990s before Howe realised he was as insane as the Sarge (if not madder) and sacked him. Kelly resurfaced earlier this decade as an occasional writer for Crikey but he was sacked from there too for making up an interview.

Anonymous said...

Euthanasia will be the best option for all concerned, hey patriots?

Nurses struggle under weight of fat patients

By Simon Lauder

Nurses say they are being put at risk of injury when treating obese patients.

A study by Melbourne's Austin Hospital shows nearly a third of the 750 patients in the hospital's emergency department are obese.

Doctors and nurses have told researchers that is causing problems in diagnosing patients, for nurses administering treatment and complicating even simple tasks like moving patients around the wards.

Joe Pulitzer said...

Counterfeit journalist Andrew Landeryou blunders about on his personal 'Titanic', VEXNEWS, creating incommprehensible blogs that are usually boring, misleading and libellous.

Recently, he has attempted to report on HSU voting frauds. But because he doesn't understand journalism, his blog have been embarrassing.

My link will prove useful to the pompous crim, stalker and libeller!

Former Age Editor said...

A couple of posters here are obviously real journos. I myself worked for the HS and Wellington Evening Post long ago.

Iconic Joe Pulitzer shouldn't be helping information anarchist Landeryou who needs a a big boot up the arse and a gaol term.

Vexnews could be improved in 1001 ways but my fee would be $50,000!

Deep fat fryer said...

Why Andy hates China. Click through my name for the reason, or copy and paste

Deep fat fryer said...

Click through now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see how Fat Cunt has made a mark on how business is done in Australia

More companies hitting the wall - intentionally

ADELE FERGUSON More than 38,000 companies could hit the wall during the next year, with a growing number intentionally failing and then rising again as new entities to avoid paying tax, creditors and employees.

Is this Dimberley or Andrew said...

Patriots, what say you?

Is this a wedding pic said...

The bride and groom are both far too slim and far too handsome to be Andy and Dimberley. Also the bride appears to be a woman while there is doubt over whether or not Dimeberley was actually a man in drag.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I read with interest that Mr Rudd will hold a BBQ for Indian Students.

Let us all hope that Mr Rudd does not cook any of Andrew's chicken halal sausages, which Andrew substituted with pork meat.

One can only imagine the diplomatic controversy that would cause.

Halal Chook Curry said...

The reason that the Tamils are leaving the Oceanic Viking could cause an international incident.

The Tamils were threatened that if they did not leave the ship promptly. Andrew Landeryou and Sgt Sasha Uzunov would be winched on board. The Tamils were told that Landeryou is a well-known criminal who enjoys using standover tactics.

They were told supplies of Halal Chicken are on their way too.

Amirtha said...

That is not entirely true. We were told that Landeryou would probably eat us. We have been fattened for weeks on KFC products.

I wouldn't be surprised if we all suddenly disappeared. Aaargh!

Anonymous said...

Bill Shorten has an alibi. He got married today. Conroy knows nothing either. Rudd is OS and denies any knowledge.

That leaves Theo.

He denies having told Landeryou to keep his eyes peeled for any unemployed 'Black Crumpet' or 'Save some for me, Buddy'.

ABC Foreign Correspondent said...

Bintan Island, Indonesia.

I can confirm the odd KFC smell near the Oceanic Viking. Tonight, I heard much screaming, and the ship seemed to toss, roll and pitch perilously although the sea is calm. I saw a man in camo brandishing a cooking spatula. Whatever is causing the ship to roll must be very heavy and is moving around.

Sniff said...

ABC Foreign Correspondent, you refer to an "odd KFC smell". That may just be Landeryou. He reeks of KFC but also of other odd unpleasant odours too.

Ludicrous said...

I spent last night surfing US breathalyser sites out of interest. The limit in the US is .10 although mostly .08. They have found breathalyers unreliable in many cases for a variety of reasons.

Victoria takes a tough line on .05. There are many nasty, undesirable and undemocratic aspects to Victoria's drink driving legislation. The unreliabilty of the breathalysers is not recognised. Drunk drivers in Queensland and West Australia can drive for work, but not in victoria. There are many levels of injustice.

I am predicting a future, huge class action against police and the Victorian government as all this unravels. It is a disgraceful, shameful mess that denies justice. Each Victorian drunk driving case is unique and should be subject to examination by magistrates and judges and not the present wall politicians have erected to punish any and all drunk drivers.

Anonymous said...

There are many US specialists in DUI cases, and only a few in Australia.

Legal practicioners in Victoria need to become far more savvy about drink driving offences to better defend the rights of their clients which have been corrupted and usurped by daft politicians.

Anonymous said...

These late night DUI postings are most curious.

Landeryou is well known as a drunkard. Perhaps they were done by him.

You're nicked said...

Ello, ello, ello! Wot have we got here?

I reckon this here story in The Sunday Age is clear evidence that you've been up to mischief in the HSU elections, young Andrew me lad.

You're nicked, son! You're nicked!

The hard-fought HSUA election is a proxy battle for power within the Australian Labor Party between two rival right-wing groups. Each side is supported at a high level by Labor players, and each wants to gain power within the ALP using the HSUA's affiliation to the party.

The fight has involved accusations of dirty tricks, voter intimidation and thuggery...

Last month union members were also sent a leaflet in the mail containing newspaper quotes about the union's assistant secretary, Mr Martorana...

He said there was a ''startling resemblance'' between that leaflet and one put out criticising former councillor Catherine Ng last year...

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Sarge may soon find himself sold as halal chicken. Landeryou is a dangerous and deranged desperado:

'Body sold' to kebab shop
Posted 2 hours 5 minutes ago

Russian police have arrested three homeless people suspected of eating a 25-year-old man they had butchered and selling other bits of the corpse to a local kebab house.

Suspicions were raised when dismembered parts of a human body were found near a bus stop in the outskirts of the Russian city of Perm, 1,150 kilometres east of Moscow.

Three homeless men with previous criminal records have been arrested on suspicion of setting upon a foe with knives and a hammer before chopping up his corpse to eat, local investigators said in a statement on their website.

"After carrying out the crime, the corpse was divided up: part was eaten and part was also sold to a kiosk selling kebabs and pies," the Prosecutor-General's main investigative unit for the Perm region said in a statement issued on Friday.

It was not immediately clear from the statement if any of the corpse had been sold to customers.

- Reuters

Fraud Sqaud said...

Now there's a warning for Sasha Uzunov not to hang out with known criminals.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andrew dusted down Ronnie with an approximation of the Colonel's secret herbs and spices and dunked him in the deep fat fryer then wolfed him down (there are patriots who say his dear little four legged friend was still alive when he was cooked).

If the fat man thinks there's a quid in it for him he'll chop up Sergeant Sasha and sell him as halāl chook in the blinking of an eyelid and without a moment's further thought.

Andy is IN THE POO said...

That HSU election story in the Age is a cracker -- and it is by Landeryou's old nemisis Michael Bachelard too!

The Australian Electoral Commission is investigating a smear and sleaze campaign that has Landeryou's fingerprints all over it.

The VEC was prevented politically from examining Landeryou's dirty tricks in Kororoit, but it will be much, much harder for the corrupt politicians, staffers and party officials who have kept him out of prison to help him this time.

Shep from Shep said...

It is such a pity El Gordo never accepted the invitation from Madge to come and speak to her CWA ladies about asset-stripping and hidden offshore banking. There is a chance he might have been killed.

KFC car crash traps customers in booth

Posted November 15, 2009 15:01:00

Two young women are lucky to be alive, after a car crashed through the dining area of a fast food restaurant, trapping them in a booth.

The incident happened at a KFC outlet in Bridge Street, Benalla, around 12:30pm (AEDT).

Ambulance paramedic Gavin Kelly says it appears a motorist lost control, before crashing the car into the outlet.

"It entered the side of the building and [went] straight into the main dining area where two young females were trapped in the booth area that they were dining in at the time," he said.

"The driver and anyone else in the vehicle [received] only minor injuries, and they've been treated for that.

"The other two girls have had to be physically cut out of the wreckage."

Mr Kelly says the women were trapped for just under an hour.

"They've been taken to hospital by ambulance. I believe one has been airlifted to Melbourne," he said.

"The actual rescue took around about 50 minutes, it was quite involved because the damage to the actual physical structure of the building and where the car was sitting, and the two young lasses involved were in good spirits, thoughout the whole ordeal."

Jenny & Craig said...

This must be why the hate blog Poxnews doesn't get updated at weekends. Andy is off at somewhere like this place:-

Welcome to Club Bounce: Where the big – and beautiful – people go

Overweight Americans, tired of discrimination, are fighting for 'size acceptance'. And they're taking their battle to the dancefloor, reports Guy Adams

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The ladies call themselves "BBW" or "big, beautiful women". The gentlemen are known as "BHMs'" or "big, handsome men". Their common interest, when they're not pounding the specially reinforced dancefloor, is the noble cause of "size acceptance".

With a black President in the White House, and laws protecting gays, women and religious minorities, America's nightclub scene is fostering a new movement to secure civil rights for one of the few social groups who can still legally be persecuted: fat people. An explosion of "plus-size" entertainment venues, where revellers of all shapes and waistlines are welcomed, is managing to tap both the economic and political potential of the country's one in three adults who are clinically obese.

In Long Beach, California, Lisa Marie Garbo, who styles herself as the voice of America's BBW "community", has begun inviting patrons at her Club Bounce to sign petitions calling for President Obama to include the overweight in proposed new employment and hate-crime laws.

She is busily spreading the word among the 400 like-minded punters who attend her venue every Friday and Saturday. "In most nightclubs, overweight people get laughed at, treated like dirt and made to wait in line for hours by doormen. We're a feel-good club: a place where anyone can come and learn to feel good about themselves."

Ms Garbo, 41, whose weight has varied, over the years, from 19 stone to 23 stone, is a descendant of the film star Greta, whose sylph-like quality was never in doubt. She was inspired to open Club Bounce after being refused entry to a Hollywood nightspot, and now plans to roll out a chain of franchised venues across the country.

"People think being overweight is a choice, and have historically used that as an excuse to deny us rights. But it's not always down to that. I'm asthmatic. I was put on steroids when I was young. I'm not a perfect eater, and I don't exercise every day, but there are other factors making me the size I am, and it should never be used as an excuse for discrimination."

Roughly 70 per cent of her male guests, and 30 per cent of female ones, are "normal sized", she estimates. Many of the "smaller punters" pay the $15 (£10) entrance fee in order to have a chance of meeting an attractive, larger member of the opposite sex. "A lot of normal-sized people are attracted to overweight people. They celebrate them," she said

Most of the nation's handful of "plus-size" venues were started in the last couple of years, to cater for a community that grew up around internet chat-rooms. To many patrons, they provide a form of therapy, helping to revolutionise social lives that were previously non-existent.

"I see myself as a stepping stone," says Kathleen Divine, who owns the Butterfly Lounge in Orange County. "A lot of people who come along might never normally go out because of their size. The more they enjoy themselves here, the more confidence they get. It can really help their self-esteem. I've had people tell me that this club persuaded them to go out and get a better job."

Ms Divine has recently widened her business empire to include a dating site for BBWs, together with a fashion label called Big Girl Gear, which sells nightclub clothing for larger women.

"There's huge demand for what we do. People have flown in from San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even the UK and Australia. You would be amazed by what happens on the dancefloor. I've seen 6001b (43 stone) women dance all night. I'm 2251b, and I can't keep going with them."

Justice for all said...

Unlike 'Anonymous' {November 15, 2009 10:48:00 AM] who found
last night's late night DUI postings "very curious" and probably penned by Landeryou, I found the link very illuminating.

The US law firm website stated "This long list of potential problems with breath test results is not close to complete".

I have a case a fortnight away on this very subject and was at a loss on how to present a defence. Victorian law is draconian on drink driving. The thing that caught my eye was the model numbers of problem breathalysers. They are the breathalysers used here in Victoria. But that will not be my defence.

I don't want to discuss my matter here, except to say that link last night has given me several very handy leads.

Thanx Slanderyou!

Bacchus said...

Those late night DUI posts can't have come from Landeryou as, ergo, he was already in a drunken stupor.

I too found the posts provocative. Why are Victorian politicians such a bunch or malevolent nannies?

Drunk drivers who kill are anathema, everyone agrees on that. So too are those who crash. But there is little available research into the alcohol levels of those groups.

Those close to the borderline .05 limit are punished by geographical location and pitiless Victorian politicians. The .05 limit in Victoria is probably unrealistic and punishes anyone who has had a couple of drinks.

I myself have no drinks whatever if going out. But that's me. I would like to see drink driving offences in Victoria treated individually, fairly and legally, and not politically. Politicians are not judges or magistrates. That's a different arm of government, dickheads!

Simon Overlord said...

Oh Dear! I hope I am not a late night poster who later might be identified as Landeryou. I am not.

All I can say is that speed cameras increasingly are being challenged. Thanks to last night's link, breathalyers are indicated to be even more unreliable than most people think.

Why are Victorians being singled out for government milking with technology that just doesn't work?

Anonymous said...

Obese transvestite thief, fraud and failure Fat "He's Fat!" Andrew Landeryou talks on his Blog of Sleaze today about the "freaks" and "gimps" who have corrupted the HSU elections.

The Sunday Age revealed the links between Landeryou and HSU poll corruption yesterday. This "gimps" and "freaks" description is the first sign of self-awareness Landeryou has ever shown.

Perhaps one day he may even admit his crimes and turn himself in to the law.

Anonymous said...

When the Australian Electoral Commission interviews Landeryou over his illegal activities in the HSU election, they must also remember to ask why he is breaching the Electoral Act by not being on the electoral roll.

Brutus Beefcake said...

All of us hot-rodding men unzipped our trousers in anticipation when we read about Landeryou and the HSU.

Anonymous said...

More sleaze regarding Buddha Boy's hero and fellow jailbird Brian Burke.

CCC finds Bowler involved in serious misconduct over mining Burke

PERTH, Nov 16 - Western Australia's corruption watchdog has found former government minister John Bowler was involved in serious misconduct in his handling of an application by a mining company that was a client of Brian Burke.

The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) said Mr Bowler, the current MP for Kalgoorlie and former WA Resources Minister, engaged in serious misconduct by trying to disadvantage BHP Billiton in dealing with an application by Precious Metals Australia (PMA) to obtain mining tenements held by BHP.

PMA was a client of Mr Burke, the disgraced former premier, and his business partner and former cabinet colleague Julian Grill.

The CCC tabled a report into the matter which centred on BHP's Yeelirrie uranium deposit, about 500km north of Kalgoorlie.

Commissioner Len Roberts-Smith said Mr Bowler's actions were designed to disadvantage BHP Billiton and included an agreement to defer a decision to terminate PMA's application allowing them time to extract money or tenements from the mining giant in 2006.

The CCC said Mr Bowler would not be charged with corruption because the evidence admissible in a criminal prosecution would be unlikely to prove the allegation beyond reasonable doubt.

Mr Bowler was suspended by the parliament for seven sitting weeks and dumped from the Labor party for other dealings with Burke and Grill.

He is now an independent MP and helped the Liberal Party form a majority government with the Nationals after last year's election resulted in a hung parliament.

Mr Roberts-Smith said there was no practical recommendation the commission could make for disciplinary action because Mr Bowler was no longer a minister.

Last week the CCC investigated how the draft report into the matter was leaked to News Ltd in May.

It failed to find the source of the leak but said there was no evidence to support the materials were deliberately leaked by the CCC or that its integrity had been otherwise compromised.

An article published after the leak said the CCC has recommended criminal charges.

Mr Roberts-Smith said the CCC allowed people it investigated a reasonable opportunity to make representations about the matter, usually by giving them extracts from the draft report to allow them to respond.

``These responses are taken into consideration by the commission when framing the final report,'' he said.

``These extracts of the draft reports have no standing and may well not be the same as the final report which is what occurred in this case.''

Mary Whitehouse said...

The sex-obsessed weirdo Andrew Landeryou today links to reports of the uncovering of the woman behind "Belle de Jour", the blog of an upmarket escort that became a bestselling book and inspired the Billie Piper TV series The Secret Diary of a Callgirl.

The oddball Landeryou has a deep and abiding interest in prostitution. Patriots will recall his financial interest in the escort agency cum Russian brides scam Anastascia International, which he promoted on his Blog of Sleaze.

Sicko Landeryou is a man who dresses as a woman and who went through a mockery of the sacrament of marriage with a man dressed as a woman too.

Heaven knows how HE define "girlfriend experience"!

Anonymous said...

Only a few days to go before the Newnham sendoff marathon wank at the chink restaurant.

I'm attending because of the free beer and brothel vouchers. If I see Steve, I will give him a hefty head butt from the voters of Kororoit.

Cronulla Sharks said...

Our team, several other NRL teams, notable AFL players and some amateur teams from outer Melbourne, will certainly be attending the Newnham Farewell Banquet on the 21st at the Dragon Boat. We will probably whack a few Federal Ministers as we collect our brothel vouchers - just because they are wankers and were in the wrong place at the wrong time! If any of their wives are there, I am predicting several prolonged "Scrum Downs".

It could be quite a night. Thanks for the invite Vexnews!

Werribee Hoon said...

Thanks to the Vexnews invite, I am going to the Newnham free beer sendoff with brothel vouchers. I have SMSed a huge crowd of fellow beer enthusiasts and weatern suburbs hoons. We are expecting a chinese banquet with free beer and vouchers. We will be very displeased if these attractions are not met.

I'm expecting a big rumble!

Clean Up Victoria said...

I hear that on Saturday night Newnham is going to hand over a brown paper bag containing $50,000 in used notes to the winner of a lucky door prize just like the $50 thou he gave to Landeryou via his partner in online spivvery Ed Dale.

Jail Fat Crooks said...

Landeryou has already recruited nutbag Sergeant Sasha Uzunov as his defence correspondent. This bloke looks like a perfect Vexnews health reporter.

ST KILDA man purporting to be a ''North American Indian shaman healer'' with the power to cure cancer has failed in a Supreme Court bid to stop the Health Services Commissioner naming him in a report to State Parliament.

Commissioner Beth Wilson warned Shamir Narra Avorham Djuwani Kiefa Israel Marlon Wati Dakota Jessie Malakhi-Zion-Angel-Shalom - who was born Peter Marlon de Angelis - of her intention to name him because he had falsely represented himself as a shaman healer and had breached professional boundaries by initiating sexual relationships with female clients.

Anonymous said...

Has Shamir Narra Avorham Djuwani Kiefa Israel Marlon Wati Dakota Jessie Malakhi-Zion-Angel-Shalom initiated sexual relationships with grossly overweight male clients who dress as women? I can imagine Shirley Landeryou loving those Jewish Native American sex rituals!

Weight Watchers Australia said...

These figures came across our desk this morning.

It is the considered view of our experts that El Gordo distorts the averages.

"Australia is one of the fattest nations on Earth, with over 60 percent of adults and one in four children overweight or obese. With 2 million more Australians being overweight or obese in the past decade, the obesity epidemic is steadily increasing with an estimated 6.9 million Australians to be obese by 2025."

Anonymous said...

Landeryou hates the ETS as he farts so much and so often that he will either have to buy emission permits or move offshore.

Something is wrong said...

A child is given a stolen Freddo frog and gets charged. Andrew Landeryou loots a student union and thieves millions from Solomon Lew and stays free. Something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cojoined twins are in the news. Buddha Boy is so fat there is speculation that he may indeed be cojoined octuplets.

Landy is Whacko said...

'Something is wrong' (above) is RIGHT!

In addition Landeryou is free to write the most appalling libels, interfere with democracy by misleading and deceiving electors during elections, stalking candidates, and providing fake comments on his own blogs. He even dares to censor genuine comments he doesn't like.

Light fuse and retire said...

Cojoined twins Landeryou and Henderson Ross unfortunately are cojoined INSIDE Landeryou's head!

This is not operable. Apart from other factors, the fact that Landeryou shares his head with at least fifty other personas means that even a team of psychiatrists can't help much.

My simple solution, while not medical, may be illegal unless Landeryou administers it himself. He should carefully insert a stick of dynamite... light the fuse... climb into a dumpster... and kiss his big, fat, hairy ass goodbye.

Cyclops said...

Landeryou was a pioneering crook a decade ago. Now Australia is swarming with white collar crims cleaning up before belated government legislation may or may no shut them down. The pollies shafted everyone except the big end of town.

ABC Lateline Business parades these nasty crooks nightly.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't ABC's Media Watch tackled Australia's biggest libel Blog - Vexnews. I'd pay to watch that!

Media Watch exposes the sort of crookedness often seen on Vexnews. OK, Vexnews is small beer and targets Union, Council and small-time State Govenment tittle-tattle.

But is is still amateurish rubbish written by a hate corrupted idiot with internet access. One day someone will have the courage to sue the arse off this loathesome twat!

Littlemore QC said...

Media Watch hasn't tackled Poxnews as the ABC internet filters wisely stop staff from visiting the site. Poxnews pumps out worms and viruses and malware. It could cost the taxpayer millions of dollars to fix the problem if the ABC's IT systems were infected with Landeryou's net nasties.

Anonymous said...

I once visited the Vexnews site by mistake. The next day I discovered my internet banking account and online share portfolio had been cleared out.

What the hel is UNHCR said...

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)is choosing my new neighbours.

I didn't check Vexnews for info about UNHCR because Vexnews is about alleged low-level council, union and state goverment crookery.

But the major media have done us a huge disservice. Why are people, who are not Aussies, choosing who will be my neighbours - and why are they hiding behind the UNHCR logo? I don't want someone in Africa or India choosing who my neighbours in Australia will be. They have no right to do so.

The Australian government, and State governments have no right to choose my neighbours by sub-contracting their national duties to an anonymous organisation that is widely sympathetic even to economic refugees who by arriving here will utterly ruin our country.

Anonymous said...

UNHCR people (whoever they are) are processing the Oceanic Viking Tamils to quickly meet OZ entry legislation. Soon these folk will be among us. Australia really needed those queue jumpers.

So many levels of malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Fairfax and the other major media outlets laid out the UNHCR connection?

Anonymous said...

More late night racism on this patriotic blog from cross-dressing hate filled drunken blob Landeryou

Solly Stern Gang said...

Some racists say "I'm not anti-Semitic. I just don't like Zionists." Landeryou says "I like Zionists. I just don't like Jews. Or blacks. Or Asians."

Anonymous said...

When I go through the Melbourne CBD, why do I think I am in New Delhi or Hanoi?

Lots of voices. But very little strine!

Woeful. Go figure.

Diaspora said...

I liked being an Australian before the tsunami of nignogs and chinks arrived.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Fat failure Landeryou, consumed by hate and crazed by alcohol, was posting racist messages on this fine family blog a little after four in the afternoon Melbourne time.

Economic Migration Agent said...

The comments labelled racist here may well be the work of information anarchist Landeryou (although, if so, I know many who share his views). And also if so, he has been a busy boy, judging by these comments on Vexnews:

YUK – what a awful revolting vision. Even a concrete statue would go soft and need viagra. I would be gay and wine and dine Pissy Chryne.

Posted by anon | November 18, 2009, 15:32

Is she Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH’s mother?

Posted by anon | November 18, 2009, 16:57

Fran's Firefighter Friends said...

Fat thief Landeryou stole the copyrighted picture of his fellow fattie Fran Bailey having 40 winks at NATO and put it on his evil blog of sleaze (although he was too drunk to remember to label it 'exclusive' like he normally does).

Where is the fat thief's sympathy? Surely somebody as fat as he is also suffers from sleep apnoea?

I'm a lumberjack and I'm Ok said...

Hmnn. The last time Melbourne had a big heatwave like this in November was in 1902. I saw on TV news tonight that the last time Broken Hill was this hot was a hundred years ago.

In 1902 and 1909, climate change just wasn't an issue. What's going on?

I'm a climate change believer, but also believe that peasants in Asia and South America who remove forests daily are mainly responsible. The peasants don't have coal-fired electricity, but cutting down forests is removing the earth's restorative powers.

Planting trees in Australia is great, but in a dry climate do not have the restorative powers of Asian and South American forests.

Multi-lingualist said...

To better fit in with modern Tamil Australia, can anyone recommend a Tamil language provider who can help me fit in better with my new neighbours.

Geez, I'd betting find time for Vietnamese, Somali, Lebanese introductory courses too.

Are you softies serious said...

The Tamil Tigers were declared a terrorist organisation engaged in civil war with their Sri Lankan compatriots. Now they want to live here as economic migrants. We already have heaps of Balkan wars criminals living here, Somali war criminals, Lebanese crooks, etc., etc.

I need a machinegun for my front-gate guardhouse.

Anonymous said...

Politicians brought us this indescribable mess. You useless nutcases.

Don't any Poms want to move here any more?

C R A P !

Landy is Whacko said...

'Something is wrong' (above) is RIGHT!

In addition Landeryou is free to write the most appalling libels, interfere with democracy by misleading and deceiving electors during elections, stalking candidates, and providing fake comments on his own blogs. He even dares to censor genuine comments he doesn't like.

Fraud Sqaud said...

Now there's a warning for Sasha Uzunov not to hang out with known criminals.

Amirtha said...

That is not entirely true. We were told that Landeryou would probably eat us. We have been fattened for weeks on KFC products.

I wouldn't be surprised if we all suddenly disappeared. Aaargh!

Former Age Editor said...

A couple of posters here are obviously real journos. I myself worked for the HS and Wellington Evening Post long ago.

Iconic Joe Pulitzer shouldn't be helping information anarchist Landeryou who needs a a big boot up the arse and a gaol term.

Vexnews could be improved in 1001 ways but my fee would be $50,000!

Anonymous said...

How about People Almost As Fat As Landeryou? I can't think of anyone. Queen Salote of Tonga was famous for weighing as much as a dozen buffalo, but compared to Queen Shirley of the Melbourne Remand Centre she was a skinny-ribs.

Carl Jung said...

Dear Dr Freud, it is not the "Three Faces of Eve" nor "The Thousand Faces of Dr Mabuse" but rather "The Thousand Kilos of Shirley Landeryou".

King of the Road said...

The law-abiding may be interested in some more details of Landeryou's truck that were published on a road transport industry blog. The 'Landeryou Lugger' as it is known is equipped with a special beverage holder that can fit a 40 litre catering cask. It has also been fitted out with similar holders for Family Feast Tubs of KFC. The Landeryou Lugger has room to carry 12 of these mega-meals all within easy reach of the obese and deranged transsexual criminal.

Sunday Herald-Sun copyboy said...

What Press ID? Landeryou is a fraudulent shonk who is not on the electoral roll and is without visible means of support. Over his head hang very serious criminal allegations...

Lindsey Read should have made an immediate citizen's arrest, and locked Landeryou up in the psychiatric wing.

Tom the Truckie said...

The fake comments on the libellous Vexnews Jeremy Sear blog have dried up and remained at a standstill (22) for days.

Landeryou is not God. He is not omnipresent. He can't be everywhere at once. As usual he has left an obvious hole in his Hate Blog you could drive a Kenworth Truck through!

Bertrand Russell said...

It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. I had a quick flip through Vexnews and didn't find one iota of rationality.

Vexnews is simply a hate blog run by an illogical nazi extremist!

Baz said...

A friend of mine had a weird encounter with Sasha Uzunov when she was working as a school teacher a few years ago.

The school wanted to get a motivational speaker in to talk to the kids. They did a bit of Googling and found the Sarge, who describes himself as a motivational speaker after his battle again problem weight. They did not have much money to spend and were delighted to find someone who would come cheap.

On the day of his address Uzunov arrived at the school wearing surplus store camo and a single army boot on his head. He also had Christmas tree baubles danging from his ears. When the head teacher asked his why he replied "I'm a decorated veteran." The head thought comedy must be part of Uzunov's act, so let him continue as planned. Big mistake.

Uzunov began "One upon I time I was really really fat, not as fat as my friend Landeryou but still really really fat, so I paid the man next door to solder me up inside a big metal box and leave me there for 100 days. The box had two holes on the top, one for air and one for water and one on the bottom for the wee-wees to run out."

He then began hopping around the classroom humming loudly and repeating "Ni! Ni! Ni! Ftum! Ftum! Ftumsch!" It became clear that this was insanity, not comedy. The children were removed and an emergency mental health crisis team summonsed.

My friend says an official Education Department inquiry into the matter was convened but that the head teacher and all the teachers invovled in the decision to invite Uzunov to the school resigned before it could sit.

Albert and Thomas Pierrepoint said...

We'll do the job pro bono publico.

But, we think we will need a much thicker rope!

Cronulla Shark said...

Free beer and a root! Yeehah!

Our team, several other NRL teams, notable AFL players and some amateur teams from outer Melbourne, will certainly be attending the Newnham Farewell Banquet on the 21st at the Dragon Boat. We will probably thump a few Federal Ministers as we collect our brothel vouchers - just because they are wankers and were in the wrong place at the wrong time! If any of their wives are there, I am predicting several prolonged "Scrum Downs".

Senator Conboy, if there, will be used for goal-kicking practice for trying to deny access to extreme pornography by ordinary, everyday, high-profile sportsmen like us.

It could be quite a night. Thanks for the invite Vexnews!

Emirates said...

Aren't they such lovely people?

The weirdly robed individuals gazing down on the F1 racetrack looked like a Timewarp that had gone badly wrong. Pre-historic nomadic kings and today's ultramodern racing engines - and then the crucifixion twist.

W E I R D !

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hard Working and Law Abiding but you are too kind to Landeryou. Your post should read "Or do work-shy unemployed drunken obese transsexual crooked bums who enjoy high level political protection thanks to blackmail and bribery now get public holidays off?"

The Bird said...

I wonder if there will be any conga lines at the Newnham Suckholes merrymaking bacchanal.

Andy is a snark said...

Strange that Conroy's leak was to Fairfax and not to say...Vexnews. What does that say.

AIF Battalions said...

Landeryou is a Dom and cross-dressing freak who dares to denigrate Tony Albanese as a nutty homo.

Tony is no nuttier than the other politicians of both persuasians who have wrecked Australia in recent years. Australia is no longer a country with European links, culture and heritage. It is becoming a diaspora of unrelated peoples and religions, many of whom do not share our ways and values.

Sickening malfeasance and misfeasance.

I guess, these are the politicians we deserve... They are batting for another team, and not for the European pioneers and settlers of the Australia generations fought for, and died for. What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

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